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What Disney Movie to Watch Based on Your Zodiac

What Disney Movie to Watch Based on Your Zodiac

What Disney Movie to Watch Based on Your Zodiac

Trying to decide what Disney movie to watch is so hard nowadays, especially when there’s so many to choose from.

Plus, you want to have the feeling of nostalgia and relatability with still being able to escape into a fun story — so we compiled a list of Disney movies to watch based on your sign, just to help this little predicament.

Aries: Hercules

Aries are one of the strongest, most passionate signs, and also the most stubborn. Everything about that screams Hercules, a dreamer who always wanted to know where he fit in — and won’t stop until he finds it. The film is also a great lesson to Aries’ about remembering what’s truly important, and going for what will make you happy rather than what will achieve your ultimate goal.


What Disney Movie to Watch Based on Your Zodiac

Taurus: Sleeping Beauty

Tauruses are laid back but also determined to get what they want, and to make a better tomorrow for themselves and their loved ones, like Aurora. Tauruses are also very intune with nature and love being around it, which is very similar to the princess too. Plus, a princess that spends half of the movie sleeping? Relatable.

Gemini: Mulan

Is this a little to on the nose? Yes. But changing personalities isn’t the only reason why we chose Mulan as a film to watch, Gemini. Mulan is a fighter, who will fiercely protect the people she loves no matter the consequences to herself, which is exactly something you’d do. But promise us if you meet a dragon, you’ll hit us up.


What Disney Movie to Watch Based on Your Zodiac

Cancer: Beauty and the Beast

Cancers are the emotional staple of the zodiac, and long for true love (or just love in general). They’re also one of the most kind hearted of the signs, which is perfect for Beauty and the Beast. Being able to see through the Beast’s outer looks and being able to be kind to him after what he did? Classic Cancer move.

Leo: Emperor’s New Groove

With Leos, everything is about them. They love the attention, and so does Emperor Kuzko. But that isn’t the only similarity between Leos and this movie: learning to put others and good intentions before yourself is an important lesson for everyone to learn, especially Leos. And this movie definitely has all that and more. Plus some pretty outrageous scenes with fun colours. Sounds like a Leo to us.


What Disney Movie to Watch Based on Your Zodiac

Virgo: 101 Dalmatians

Virgos are protective of their loved ones, and are also the most analytical of the zodiac, which is reflected in both the hero and the villain of this movie. Cruella de Vil is definitely one of the most analytical and scheming villains in Disney history, which can be similar to a Virgo. But fighting for what’s right (in very clever ways) is also what Virgos do best.

Libra: Tangled

Libras are the life of the party, and major social butterflies. They want to go out into the world and explore it, and just have plain old fun, just like Rapunzel. Unfortunately, Libras are also sometimes naive, which plays a big factor in their relationships. But, like Tangled, everything works out good in the end, we promise.

What Disney Movie to Watch Based on Your Zodiac

Scorpio: The Lion King

Scorpios are passionate about power and love, and don’t like to settle in either department. However, when one of those is taken from them, Scorpios can become a little like teenager Simba, and want nothing but to be left alone… but not for long. They’re resilient and fight against all odds, just like Simba does in this movie.

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Sagittarius: Aladdin

Sagittarius are optimistic adventurers and like to aim high, especially in love, which is perfect for Aladdin. Sagittariuses are definitely the type of people to find a genie and ask for help to win the heart of their true love, no matter who that person is (and also maybe become royalty along the way). They would also do anything for the ones they love, and have a very strong moral compass, like Aladdin.

What Disney Movie to Watch Based on Your Zodiac

Capricorn: Princess & the Frog

Capricorns are the worker bees of the zodiac, and their ambition can go wild if they let it, just like Tiana in Princess & the Frog. Tiana has focused her whole life on achieving her dream, and even when she gets turned into a frog, intends on turning back to human to make her dream come true. But, like Capricorns, Tiana needed to learn that sometimes, the thing that you need most is not the thing that you want most. It should be noted, though, that she still makes her dream a reality after she finds out what she needs, so she still lives up to her Capricorn nature.

Aquarius: Alantis: The Lost Empire

Aquariuses are the conspiracy theorists and scientists of the zodiac, which is perfect for a movie based on one of the biggest conspiracy theories of all time. The film also features the well-rounded, rebellious moral back bone that Aquarius is known for, and definitely some of the most badass, ‘fight-the-system’ characters in Disney history.

What Disney Movie to Watch Based on Your Zodiac

Pisces: The Little Mermaid

Pisces’ are the dreamers of the zodiac, and there’s no bigger of a dreamer than Ariel, the little mermaid. She has a whole song about wanting to carry out her dream of being a human and is constantly in her own daydreams. If that doesn’t sound like a typical Pisces, we don’t know what does. Plus, being surrounded by water is good for a water sign… just saying.

Have you seen any of these movies? Do you like them? Let us know in the comments!

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