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What Cuisine You Should Eat Based on Your Zodiac

What Cuisine You Should Eat Based on Your Zodiac

If you’re sitting on your couch wondering what cusine you should order, we relate and will never judge you. The indecisiveness that comes with ordering food is torturous, so we’ve decided to help. Here’s what cuisine you should eat based on your zodiac sign.

Aries: Chinese

China is one of the most diverse mixes of cuisines in the world, and like the cuisine, Aries are one of the most diverse signs! With your fiery passion and leadership skills, Chinese cuisine will work perfectly for you with it’s spicy nature and fine balance.

Taurus: Greek

Being practical and responsible, as well as a little strong willed at times, Greek food is perfect for Taurus. The mix of traditional recipes and modern mixes, as well as all of the different types of spices that are classic to Greek food will reflect your nature.


Gemini: American

Being playful by nature, and willing to try crazy things (on their own terms) Geminis would be perfect for American food, as it’s a mix of a bunch of different cuisines and constantly changes when different things are introduced to it. Plus, brunch is an American cuisine staple, which gives Geminis the ability to talk for hours.

Cancer: Caribbean

Cancers are the sweetest and nicest people out of the zodiac sign (sorry, guys) and are highly imaginative. Caribbean food is all of this and more: their hottest pepper, the hot scotch bonnet pepper, has a sweet after-taste, and their dishes are all extremely unique on their own, let alone in an array for dinner.


Leo: Mexican

Leos are known for being the most spontaneous and attention-seeking of the zodiac, which is why we thought that Mexican food is perfect for them. Mexican food, like Leos, demand to be paid attention to with it’s mix of spices, flavourful dishes and colourful culture. Bold Leos will love the bold elements in this cuisine as much as being in the spotlight.

Virgo: Japanese

Virgos are known for being neat and extremely type-A, which is why we think that the typical organized bento boxes of Japanese cuisine would be perfect for them. Each meal is meticulously made, and Virgos will appreciate this in every way possible.


Libra: Italian

Libras are known for being the most likeable and agreeable (or diplomatic) of the zodiac, and who doesn’t like Italian food? Like Libras, Italian restaurants are also always willing to accomodate to others, and will please everyone.

Scorpio: Spanish

Scorpios are traditionalists, first and foremost, and there’s nothing more traditional than one of the oldest cuisines in the world. Plus, the conflicting nature of Scorpios’ logic and emotions reflects itself in the conflict of Spanish food: they use spices that could be overwhelming, but instead use only a little to bring out the natural flavours in the food. This balance is a good example for Scorpios.


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Sagittarius: Indian

Sagittarius loves new adventures, and trying everything new they can possibly get their hands on. Indian food covers so many cultures and flavours, that there’s no way a Sagittarius could get bored with it. Plus, like Sagittarius, Indian food is really conflicting, with all the different flavours.


Capricorn: Thai

With Thai food’s delicate balance of spices and basis on healthy greens, this cuisine is perfect for the responsible, diligent and (let’s be honest) strict Capricorn. The cuisine will also challenge Capricorns meticulous nature by mixing different textures.

Aquarius: Lebanese

Aquarius is known for being unique, rebellious, and refuse to fit to the norm. Lebanese food is not as popular as some of these cuisines, but it challenges and stays as unique as it always has been, which is a perfect fit for Aquarius’ persona. 


Pisces: French

Pisces are artistic, always and forever. Which is why we thought that French cuisine would be perfect for them: with the mix of the beautifully made pastries and well-dished, world-renowned food, Pisces will enjoy how artistic food can really be. 

What do you think of your cuisine? Have you tried any of these? Let us know in the comments below!

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