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What Crystal You Have To Get According To Your Zodiac

What Crystal You Have To Get According To Your Zodiac

Diamonds are a girls best friend, but it doesn’t stop there. Crystals are thought to have spiritual properties that can radiate specific energies into your life, and each one is unique and different to your needs. So it’s time to spread the good vibes around and share the wealth with your own crystal suited to fit your personality! 

Let the stars tell you which crystal is you have to get ASAP!


You’re not one to normally take advice from others, so you need a crystal that will help guide you through the hard times when going with your gut might not be the right choice. And that’s exactly where garnet comes in. Free spirited Aquarius will benefit from this crystal’s properties associated with success, and it will guide you through tough career decisions! 



As one of the most compassionate signs, Pisces has a hard time separating others’ emotions from your own. Bloodstone will protect you from taking on other people’s negative energies, while also allowing space for you to reflect. This crystal will give you the strength you need to separate mind from matter, and also to maintain your empathetic side.


Amethyst is protective and purifying, and although this fire sign is known for courage and confidence, sometimes you need to let someone else take the wheel and trust the process. Amethyst is the perfect crystal for this, and is also a barrier against the negative energies you might not be able to fight off on your own.

What Crystal You Have To Get According To Your Zodiac



Practical and reliable, Taurus’ fatal flaw is your stubborn nature. You need a crystal that will clear out anger and jealousy, and rose quartz is your golden ticket. The stone of universal love will complement the influence of Venus, which guides your emotional interactions, and will make you increasingly aware of the abundance of love in your love. Rose quartz also invokes self worth and trust, and will give you a greater appreciation for the luxury and comforts your normally take for granted!  


Tigers Eye brings focus to its owner, and will give all-over-the-place Gemini the mental clarity you need! It’s also known for being a good luck charm, which will come in handy over these next few weeks when you face an unfortunate rejection. Since you already have a tendency to look for something to worry about, this crystal will help you cope with anxiety and resolve problems without emotions factoring in.

Tigers Eye is also a go-to crystal for the quick tempered and mood swingy, the traits which can unfortunately lead Gemini to make bad decisions. With Tigers Eye in your world, you’ll feel pure and strong!



Cancer is notorious for taking on other people’s emotions, which makes you one of the ideal signs to be besties with. Moonstone has properties that cultivate inner growth and strength, lifting your energy to have even more compassion for others. But success and inspiration can get lost in the shuffle when you’re taking on other people’s problems, so moonstone will enhance your intuition and inner motivation this month. 

What Crystal You Have To Get According To Your Zodiac

Moonstone is also useful for a fresh start and soothes emotional stress, which will be of great use as you head into the summer! 



Your over-the-top personality made you who you are, but sometime you have a hard time with deep introspection or being there for others. Because of that, labradorite is the crystal for you. It’s a stone of protection, balance, and transformation, and will promote greater awareness for those around you. It will also protect Leo’s aura and spiritual energy! 

Labradorite is also known for boosting creative energy and clarifying the imagination. New challenges will force you to think outside of this box, and this crystal will provide you with the energy you need to do so.

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As one of the most practical signs, it’s easy to become caught up in the stress of others or emotional turmoil faced by close friends and family. Virgo needs a crystal that will relieve stress and emotional pain, which is something howlite will totally help with! As a calming stone, howlite has properties associated with patience and inner strength, which will also help temper your trademark perfectionism.


Air signs are cool and charming, while Libra is specifically known for having a love of balance. Lapis lazuli is a crystal that was made for you. It not only inspires confidence, but has a reputation of helping its owner confront their inner truths (which will be important this month). You have a tendency to let your quick sense of humor and strong sense of intuition get the best of you, causing hasty decision making. Lapis lazuli will lead you to take a step back and consider the fallout of tough situations, putting you on the path to success!


Ignore the haters – obsidian is a protecting stone that will shield you from any negativity that may come your way! Scorpio is intense AF, and sometimes you need a reality check. It’s so easy for you to get deep in your head, and this crystal will take some of that burden off your shoulders. Scorpio is also known for your bravery and loyalty, though, and obsidian will accentuate those traits even more through its purifying qualities.


What Crystal You Have To Get According To Your Zodiac

Black obsidian is the way to go, Scorpio, since this specific type of crystal will help you disperse fixation on anger or jealousy. 


The honest and adventurous Sagittarius can look to topaz for stimulating and recharging your motivation this month after some bumps in the road throw you off track. Don’t worry – with topaz as your guide, any tension you have will be released and positive energy will definitely come your way! As one of the more naive signs, topaz will also protect you from scams or anyone trying to take advantage of you by fortifying your inner will and needs, giving you even more emotional confidence. 



Jade symbolizes serenity and purity, which will help Capricorn a lot this month as you struggle to make time for yourself. As one of the most private signs, increased interaction and responsibility has left you feeling emotionally fatigued, craving sweet solitude. Jade’s restorative properties will realign your social energy and bring harmony to your mindset. It will also aid with emotional release, and settle any irritability you’ve been harboring from within.

Which one of these crystals will YOU put your trust into? Let us know in the comments! 

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