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What Crystal Do You Need According To Your Zodiac?

What Crystal Do You Need According To Your Zodiac?

You go into a shop and you see the wide array of crystals for your perusal. You really want to get some, but even with the descriptions attached to each box you’re at a loss over which to get. Sometimes the amount of crystals can be overwhelming to choose from, so as a starting point look to your zodiac! A crystal is a useful tool to enhance or counterbalance the traits inherent to you as a result of your star sign. Once you know what traits you’re looking to target, choosing your crystals will be easy! Read on to see what crystal you need according to your zodiac to get you started! 

What Crystal Do You Need According To Your Zodiac?




For the brave, ambitious Aeries I would suggest a garnet. Garnets aid in manifestation, self-esteem, and victory. Aeries has no problem in the self-esteem department, their innate confidence is what usually aids them in achieving their goals. The garnet will help to pull a bit more luck their way to see their tasks done, and what Aeries would turn away some extra aid to ensure they come out on top?



Taurus value dependability and security, so the crystal most helpful to them would be pyrite. Pyrite will bring them protection from anything that might threaten a Taurus’ stability and instead help to attract prosperity. Taurus, being one of the Earth signs, appreciates practicality and being grounded making pyrite one of the most helpful crystals in their arsenal.




Ever adaptable Gemini will find the crystal Labradorite to be the most useful for them. Geminis are known to be able to seamlessly flow from one space to another and wrap themselves around any situation with ease. Gemini will be find that labradorite is a crystal most useful in aiding transformations that enable the user with a boost to their intuition so that they can adapt more easily to whatever situation they find themselves in.




What crystal could be more perfect for Cancer than the moonstone? A water sign that is bursting with compassion, emotion, and support, the moonstone will only further amplify these traits for Cancers. One of Cancer’s great joys is found in nurturing others, and moonstones will aid them in this endeavor by fortifying their wisdom and patience so that they can more effectively aid those who ask them for it. 

What Crystal Do You Need According To Your Zodiac?




This ever energetic and lively fire sign will only thrive if they add carnelian crystals into their lives. Carnelians will bolster a Leo’s vitality (not that they need it, but a little more never hurts) and confidence (better a crystal than caffeine) to get them to the finish line of whatever project or passion that they’re pursuing. Leos are generous individuals, so it wouldn’t be a stretch to imagine them using carnelians to aid them in rallying their community for a stage production benefiting their latest cause.



Virgos are a modest bunch, valuing the practical over the ostentatious. That’s why jade makes the perfect gift for the Virgo in your life. Jade is a crystal that promotes self-sufficiency, something that a Virgo will appreciate as well as provide a link to the natural energy around them that will appeal to the earth sign. 




No Libra, this crystal has nothing to do with the Coca Cola-Pepsi wars. Sodalite is a crystal that promotes insight and clarity, both of which are important to Libras who long for nothing more than to live a life of harmony. Sodalite crystals will help Libras find a solution to whatever conflict they have found themselves in so that they can get back to their peaceful lives.




Oh passionate Scorpio, what crystal could be more perfect than malachite? Malachite provides protection against the negative energies that would try to douse a Scorpio’s passionate nature. It also helps keep confidence up and create a feeling of empowerment in the user. Scorpios tend to have a clear vision of what they want out of life, and malachite will help to hold up that drive during the hard times.

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Sagittarius are always looking for the truth of the matter, being big believers in the saying “knowledge is power”. For this reason, the best crystal for them would have to be turquoise. Turquoise promotes communication and truth, both of which are essential in Sagittarius never ending quest to learn more. Because Sagittarius are generally an optimistic and straightforward bunch, turquoise will help keep the good times coming as it also promotes positive emotions in the user.



Capricorns are a bunch of classy and responsible people, making peridot one of the best crystals around for them. Peridot will help them get some good physical benefits, like good health and sleep. A very respectable use that Capricorns will much approve of, especially since the stone can be used in jewelry as well, making it double useful and practical. A good way to kill two birds with one crystal. Peridot will also promote good feelings all around, so the more peridots at the party, the better a time that will be had by all.




For the final air sign in the zodiac, there can be no more useful crystal for an Aquarius than an Aquamarine. Not only do their names have the same beginning, but both zodiac and crystal strive for feelings of peace and empowerment. Aquamarines will help Aquarius bring peace to those around them through communication and empowerment so that long after both are gone, the effects of their presence will remain.




The final water sign, lover of dreams and romance, the crystal that would most suit them is an Amethyst. Pisces will flourish under the aid of amethyst as it increases their intuition, opening their minds to all of the possibilities that lay before them. Amethysts will help Pisces to center themselves as it rids them of negative energy that their compassionate hearts will take on at the thought of or to ease another’s suffering. 

What Crystal Do You Need According To Your Zodiac?

What crystal or crystals will you be getting? Let me know in the comments below! 

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