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What Colour to Dye Your Hair Based on Your Horoscope

What Colour to Dye Your Hair Based on Your Horoscope

What Colour to Dye Your Hair Based on Your Horoscope

We all know that dyeing your hair is the best way to make a real change (without having to replace your whole wardrobe or anything else major). But it’s hard to figure out what colour would suit you, or even what options you have. To make the choice easier, here’s what colour to dye your hair based on your horoscope!

Aries: White

The daring, stubborn, and spontaneous nature of Aries means that, in beauty, you have the urge to take serious risks. And who better to base your look off of other than Lady Gaga, the risk taker extraordinaire? Dye your hair a beautiful, platinum blonde/white to get a perfect new look. Plus, no one else but an Aries is daring enough to take this risk! 

Taurus: Green

The colour of nature and renewal, this is the perfect shade for a Taurus. Because you’re so in tune with nature and willing to take risks, we suggest going with a bright shade of green. There are also plenty of companies that sell green conditioner to keep it fresh!

What Colour to Dye Your Hair Based on Your Horoscope

Gemini: Firey Orange

Being a fierce zodiac means anything that’s bold is perfect for a Gemini, especially when it fits their fiery nature. This colour looks great on practically any skin tone, and you can literally look like you’re on fire. Nothing else screams Gemini to us but that.

Cancer: Lavender

Cancers are typically creative, sensitive, and romantic, which is why this soft shade of purple is the perfect fit. Stealing from Ariana Grande’s iconic lavender look, Cancers can enjoy broadcasting their romantic nature on something other than just their sleeves… plus, this shade matches basically everything, so you’re slightly controlling nature will still dig it.

What Colour to Dye Your Hair Based on Your Horoscope

Leo: Pastel Blue

Leos, who always like to be the centre of attention, will love this attention-grabbing, crazy shade of blue. Taking a page out of Kylie Jenner’s book, the best shades are pastel to baby blue, so try and find a color in that neighborhood. Also, remember: the best way to get blue hues is by going very light blonde, so be careful with your hair!

Virgo: Grey

Virgos are very analytical, critical, and sometimes a bit cold. They’re also calm and super charming, which makes silvery grey the perfect color. A big change like this can be a little stressful for a Virgo, but remember that change is good and your hair will look great! 

What Colour to Dye Your Hair Based on Your Horoscope

Libra: Pastel Pink

Libras are the socialites and partiers of the zodiac, but are also very gentle and caring. Nothing represents those qualities better than a light, pastel or millennium pink. Take a page from Miley Cyrus or Hilary Duff for a perfect shade, and remember to keep a good conditoner on hand.

Scorpio: Dark Red

Scorpios can be super intense, and nothing screams intense to us more than a dark or deep red. We suggest wearing your fierceness and intense nature out in the open for everyone to see with a beautiful red. This color is really easy to dye from any colour and the up-keep is super easy too! 

What Colour to Dye Your Hair Based on Your Horoscope

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Sagittarius: Fuschia

Fun-loving and adventurous Sagittariuses are absolutely the type of people to dye their hair something eye-catching. A bright pink or fuschia is a perfect way to have fun with your hair and experiment with different shades. Plus, if fellow Sagittarius Nicki Manaj can rock it, so can you, girl!

Capricorn: Deep Blue

Capricorns are known for being deep and logical, as well as ambitious and witty. They see things clearly no matter what situation they find themselves in, making deep blue their perfect color. This color is ideal for these wise and confident hard-workers. Plus this shade goes well with practically any skin tone! 

What Colour to Dye Your Hair Based on Your Horoscope

Aquarius: Coral 

The free-spirited, independent and eccentric Aquarius can definitely pull off something crazy. That’s why a bright coral color is just the thing! Mix it with a deeper copper and pink for a cool layered look, or add a little bit of peach to soften your shade.

Pisces: Turquoise

For the dreamy Pisces, we suggest rocking your hair Billie Ellish style. Try a soft turquoise color, which will bring out the features of your element and correspond perfectly with your creative imagination. This color is sure to fit your dreamy vibe!

What Colour to Dye Your Hair Based on Your Horoscope

What do you think of these hair colours? Would you dye your hair any of them? Let us know in the comments!

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