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What Color You Should Be Rocking This Winter Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Color You Should Be Rocking This Winter Based On Your Zodiac Sign

I know what you fashion-minded peeps are thinking as winter approaches, “what color is for me this season?!” Well, your beautiful seeds, do not fret, I got you! I have the color you should be rocking this winter, based on your zodiac sign! Time to learn more about yourself. What is super cool as well is that I chose these colors based off of the Patone’s top colors of the past two years for winter fashion. What is Pantone? They provide color matching products and services across different fields from the graphic, product,  and interior design, and fashion! They also the company that chooses the color of the year! So understandably, they are the queens of color! They got you and I got you, now let’s check out what color you should be rocking this winter! 

1. Aries

Aries peeps! Are y’all REALLY that surprised that your color is red?! I am not! Here’s why: y’all are courageous, determined, confident, and (dare I say) fiery people. Aries peeps are always looking for dynamic situations to be a part of. People born under this constantly amaze me because of how passionate there are about life. Red is the color of passion, energy, and power. A perfect match for Aries. Now done your fiery red outfits and kick-ass this winter, Aries. 

What Color You Should Be Rocking This Winter Based On Your Zodiac Sign


2. Taurus 

They are known for practical and committed. So whether it is a new project or a relationship, they will stick it out to the end. Taurus folk so enjoy the pleasures in life, so I think you all will enjoy this fabulous color known as fuchsia. Fuchsia is a very bright color, which can relate back to Taurus’s ruler of Venus. Venus is the planet of love, beauty, creativity, attraction, satisfaction, and gratitude. I think this color is a great match for Taurus based on the Venus side of their personality. 

What Color You Should Be Wearing This Winter Based on Your Zodiac Sign


3. Gemini 

This sign gets the bad rap of being two-faced! A LOAD OF SHIT. They are gentle, affectionate, adaptable and love to learn about the world! My lord, this sign is so damn curious about everything! They have a constant feeling that there is never enough to experience everything they want to. They are fun-loving, sociable and communicate. If anyone can rock yellow during a dreary winter day, it is most definitely going to be a Gemini. This sign’s color is yellow because of its luminous personality. 

The Color You Should Be Wearing This Winter Based On Your Zodiac Sign

4. Cancer

Lovlies born under this sign are highly intuitive and sensitive, which can make getting to know them very challenging. But that does not mean you shouldn’t! Cancers are IS MOST CARING SIGN EVER. Thye keep their family and friends very close because they love them so much. They are also lovers of art, home-based hobbies,  and helping loved ones. The color purple symbolizes peace, creativity and wisdom.  I think this color fits Cancer fabulously, they love art, have a lot of life experience to share and a huge fan of maintaining the peace. 

What Color You Should Be Wearing This Winter Based on Your Zodiac Sign

5. Leo

 I think the color gold is an excellent choice for Leo not just because it is a color of a lion but also because of Leo’s cheerful, warm, and passionate disposition. Gold demands to be noticed, and so does Leo. This does not happen just by their looks, but by their natural-born leadership and ambitious nature. They are loyal to people they love and love watching them shine as well. What better color to help them shine this winter than gold?


What Color You Should Be Rocking Based On Your Zodiac Sign

6. Virgo

Since Virgo is ALWAYS paying attention and their deep sense of humanity and how we do, makes them the most careful signs of the zodiac. They are always planning their next move. This Earth sign leads their lives with strong and kind character. Their mission in life is to help others and stay humble. Grey is a humble color, but at the same time, it goes with everything. This represents Virgo because they are working hard, staying humble, and are MUCH  needed in our lives. 

What Color you should be wearing this winter based on your zodiac sign

7. Libra

Libra peeps are peaceful and fair. Teamwork is very important to this sign. This sign is ready to solve conflicts and keep the peace as much as possible. Because Libra is an air sign, they are individuals who seek constant mental stimuli and strive to have a strong intellect. Their planet is also Venus so they desire to be surrounded by music, art and beautiful places they visit. Light blue symbolizes harmony, healing, tranquility, and softness. If that doesn’t describe the core of Libra’s personality, I don’t know what does! 


what color you should be rocking based on your zodiac sign

8. Scorpio 

These passionate signs deserve a passionate color, such as a deep scarlet red. Not going to lie, when I saw this color I felt a little turned on. This makes sense to give Scorpio this color because they are known to be the most sexual signs in the zodiac. They do not just crave physical intimacy with their partner, they want an all-consuming love that uses sex to connect with their partner emotionally as well. They have some of the deepest emotions of the zodiac, but only a few get to see these emotions at the surface. Until then, Scorpios, you can tease them all in your deep scarlet attire this winter. 

Wjhat color you should be wearing this winter based on your zodiac sign

9. Sagittarius 

Sagittarius are extroverts, optimistic and enthusiastic people. This sign thrives on change, able to take their abstract thoughts and turn them into concrete plans. They are also the biggest travelers of the zodiac, ready for the next adventure. They are always down to clown and make more memories with the people they love. Although they can just be known for their bubbly personality, they are deep, philosophical thinkers as well. The color combines the energy of red and the happiness of yellow. It represents enthusiasm, encouragement, and stimulation. Now, THAT is Sagittarius. 


what color you should wearing this winter based on your zodiac sign

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10. Capricorn

Caps possess independence and confidence that gives them the ability to make significant progress in their personal and professional lives (goals!). They have a natural ability to lead the way, making others feel comfortable around them. They can make the most of the resources that are available to them. If you have a Capricorn as a partner, a friend, or a team member, you are sure to be on the winning side. Butterum is a fantastic neutral, able to be mixed and matched. Caps, you will dominate this winter with this color. 

what color you should be wearing this winter based on your zodiac sign

11. Aquarius 

Congrats Aquarius! You get the Pantone’s Color of the Year for 2019! Yippie! I gave y’all this color because you are a sign of creativity, quirkiness, and originality. Although the color living coral may not typically be a winter color, I know you all will rock it anyways! Besides, when has an Aquarius ever played by anyone else’s rules but their own?! Never! So be bright this winter Aquarius, light up our lives. 


what color you should be wearing this winter based on your zodiac sign

12. Pisces 

Pisces peeps (HOLLA!) are known for being compassionate, artistic, gentle and selfless. They can be some of the greatest friends you ever have because of their loyalty and their caring nature. They are very forgiving (too forgiving at times). Emotions rule this sign, so sometimes they can feel like they are lost in their emotions and are unable to connect to others because of that. This can be a real struggle they strive to make connections with other people. Green represents the color of growth, healing and hope. Something Pisces needs. Rock it out Pisces. Dress to impress yourself. 

what color you should be rocking this winter based on your zodiac sign


There ya have it! Now ransack your closet to find these kinds of colors so you can rock it out this winter! I hope your favorite color made the list, if not, I hope you got a kick out of these gorgeous colors! 

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