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What Color You Need To Wear This Summer According to Your Zodiac

From Aries to Pisces, here’s our pick. 


Every sign of the zodiac has a completely different emotional aesthetic. You may be charismatic and loud like a Gemini, or balanced and pleasant like a Libra….but every color in the rainbow can be morphed to match you and your personality. What follows is a color you need to wear this Summer for each sign, as well as some style inspiration from designer runways and well-known celebrities. Hopefully–you’ll give it a try. 



Aries Zodiac Traits:  Independent, Impulsive, Tough, Dreamer, Courageous, Ambitious

Aries–you’re a natural born leader. (A total fit for the start of our line-up.)  You’re bold, brave, (and probably the first to make plans in the groupchat.)

Red should line your wardrobe this season; a choice for the ‘spectacularly inclined.’



Cindy Crawford’s red dress moment 

Sophie Turner matching her lipstick to her dress at the 23rd Screen Actors Guild Awards.

Christy Turlington for Versace

Naomi Campbell’s Sparkly Red Dress

Selena Gomez rocking a red mini dress on the (matching) red carpet.



Taurus Zodiac Traits: Ethical, Loyal, Immovable, Reserved, Hard-Working, Intelligent


Taurus–you’re dependable, loyal, and likely a deep thinker. Dark blue is comforting, familiar, and easy to match. This Summer, that’s your color. 



Elie Saab Evening Dress

Yves St. Laurent Runway Look 

Selena Gomez’s Dark Blue Ensemble 



Gemini Zodiac Traits: Charismatic, Fun-Loving, Versatile, Communicative, Complicated


Gemini– you’re all for standing out. Eyes are already drawn to you–why not make it worth their while? You’re charismatic, tons of fun, and your style should communicate as well as you do.  A hot pink dress with matching eyeliner is definitely your Summer look. 


Margot Robbie’s Hot Pink Two Piece in the Upcoming Barbie Movie

Margot Robbie’s Dress in Wolf of Wall Street

This Cara Delevingne Runway Fit 

This Kate Moss Ad



Cancer Zodiac Traits: Emotional, Creatively-Inclined, Fantastical, Spiritual


Light/heather Gray is soft, subtle, and simultaneously a statement. (Just like Cancers–who are known to be perfect extroverted introverts.) With the right accessories, this color is versatile. It’s perfect for a picnic, a job interview, or a first date. 



Angelina Jolie by the Water

Kendall Jenner for Versace 

Kelly Brook Paparazzi Shot

Emmy Rossum in Armani


Leo Zodiac Traits: Noble, Confident, Friendly, Born for the Spotlight, Lovable


Leo–you’re witty, creative, and generous with your time. I don’t doubt for a moment your Summer schedule is packed to the brim. Purple is the color for the plethora of plans you hop to all season long. (You may as well look cool doing it!) 


Literally Princess Diana. 

Lupita Nyong’o at the Black Panther Premiere 

Nicki Minaj


Virgo Zodiac Traits: Practical, Meticulous, Planner, Determined, Loyal


Dark brown is definitely giving dark academia vibes. For Virgos, I can totally see it. This Summer, make that color your own–and bring a touch of Autumn to sunny days. 



Zendaya at the Oscars 

This Tony Ward Look

1990s Mariah Carey


Libra Zodiac Traits: Balanced, Intelligent, Pleasant, Friendly, Level-Headed


Libras are charming, intellectual, and totally stylish. Light purple is the move for this Summer. In my opinion, it’s the definition of chic. (Try a white eyeliner look with matching purple shadow to perfectly compliment the fit.)


Olivia Rodrigo at the Met Gala 

Amal Clooney




Scorpio Zodiac Traits: Creative, Confident, Bold, Magnetic


Scorpio–you’re authentic in everything you do. In fact–you’re one of the only signs I trust to pull off a color as bold as you are. No matter your aesthetic, I’m sure you can incorporate orange into your Summer wardrobe flawlessly. 


This Look. 

Valentino Collection.

Kendall Jenner–Ready for Summer. 

Blake Lively Looking as Perfect As Always 

See Also



Sagittarius Zodiac Traits: Bold, Creative, Humorous, Intelligent


Yes, I know, maroon already had its moment. But, Sagittarius, it’s up to you to bring it back. As Sagittariuses are accidental trend setters, and known for their creativity, I’m sure you’ll come up with something-


Valentino 2014 

Zendaya at the Golden Globes

Beyonce at the Billboard Music Awards 

Taylor Swift in 2015


Capricorn Zodiac Traits: Calm, Motivated, Helpful, Practical,


Capricorn, it’s time to add a touch of something sophisticated to your wardrobe. Whether it’s through a skirt, a pair of high socks, or neat new go-go boots–there’s certainly room for dark gray in your Summer plans. 


Selena Gomez Wearing Double Gray

Sao Paulo Fashion Week

Gigi Hadid 2014


Aquarius Zodiac Traits: Adventurous, Friendly, Passionate, Communicative


Aquarius–you’re known for your ability to think outside of the box. Your inventive nature is sure to concoct a spot for light green in your next insta-worthy fit. Take a Spring color and make it Summer’s. (A perfect shift of aesthetic!)


This Gorgeous Summer Fit.

This Paris Fashion Week Moment. 

Kim Kardashian’s Pencil Skirt 



Pisces Zodiac Traits: Compassionate, Sympathetic, Creative, Pure of Heart


While most associate Pisces with the color blue and softer tones, I challenge you to move outside the confines of your connotation and rock some bolder and brighter choices. Add a shocking yellow eyeshadow and a fun pair of boots–and you’re an instant trendsetter. 


Anya-Taylor Joy in This Spectacular Ensemble

Elizabeth Banks’ Yellow Mini Dress

Cher from Clueless (aka our Childhood Fashion Icon) 

Gigi Hadid on the Runway 


While a lot of the style inspos above are, well, impossible to replicate without wealth or fame…. I hope each gives you a good idea of every color’s potential. As Landsend Magazine writes, “Any color can be a Summer color.” Ditch the notion that only pastels have a place in your closet this season. 


For some ethical shopping recommendations, I vote, thrifting to reduce your carbon footprint, Depop (if you can avoid the overpriced nonsense), Ash & Rose’s virtual store, Bullshit Clothes’ monthly thrift drop, and many more you can find online. 


Go make this one your best Summer yet.

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