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What Celebrity Products Are Worth It?

It’s easy to fall under the spell of celebrity-endorsed products. Now, when they create their own products that are a completely different story. When your favorite celebrity puts out something of their very own, you can’t help but wonder and what to know what that product is like. Is it worth it? Will it end up being a waste of money? Or will it be something you’re happy to say you’ve tried but will not purchase again? There are many different possibilities of what can happen when you purchase something that celebrities put out, but sometimes it’s worth it to just try it out so you don’t have to sit around and wonder.

1. Skims

Kim Kardashian’s brand, Skims, goes far beyond shapewear. Kim is a celebrity who is well known for her body shape so it makes sense why should create something that eventuates her curves. While she started out with shapewear that people rave about, she has extended her brand to also be loungewear. Skims overall goal is to create something that makes people comfortable. Whether that’s one of their shapewear that comes in many colors, or some of the collections they’ve put out that you can wear around the house. They come out with bras that are comfortable and have a large size range. Skims also has comfy sets that can be cute for lounging around at night. While they do sell out fast when restocks, they are constantly restocking and if you sign up for the newsletter, you will be the first to know. You will also be able to shop new collections before anyone else. Kim has done a great job creating something that everyone can wear and be ultimately cozy and comfortable in, making it number one on our list of celebrity products.

2. Kylie Cosmetics

Kylie is one of the largest faces for makeup. Starting her makeup brand in 2014, she has only grown since then. While many celebrities have created makeup lines, this is one of the celebrity products that is constantly evolving. She has releases that are specific to times in her and her family’s lives, she also has holiday collections. What’s nice about Kylie Cosmetics is that it’s not that expensive compared to other brands that you would find at Sephora. Her makeup, while it’s trendy, it’s also extremely worth it. It’s nice to get an eye shadow pallet that will last a long time and isn’t overly expensive. She also has some of her products in Ulta which is especially nice because sometimes buying makeup online is scary.

3. Avaline Wine

Cameron Diaz and Katherine Power have come together to create delicious wines. Coming from organic grapes, they are completely transparent about their wines and how they came to creating Avaline. They go into detail on their website about how winemakers legally do not have to disclose what’s in their wines, but Avaline chooses to. Avaline’s wine is crisp and fresh, it’s the type of wine that you want to drink chilled on a hot summer day. An extra plus is if you are conscious of what you put into your body, then this wine will be fully honest with you. While the Avaline wines can be difficult to find sometimes when you do find them you must snatch them up. Avaline has a white, red, rose, and sparkling wine. Everything about the brand says simple and honest which makes buying these wines so comforting.

4. Savage X Fenty

Rihanna has created a lingerie brand that is fully inclusive of all body types and sizes. What Rihanna has created makes everyone who slips on this lingerie feel sexy and confident. Rihanna herself is one of a celebrity that is confident in their own skin so it only makes sense that she create a lingerie line. She also had one of her fashion shows on Amazon Prime which showcased many beautiful people in her new lines of lingerie. It’s body inclusivity that makes people want to buy from brands like this, especially if a celebrity has created it. Seeing people who don’t all look the same, helps show the audience that they too can look just as sexy if not more in lingerie than the stereotypical lingerie models. Another great thing about Savage X Fenty is that it’s not that expensive. They have underwear starting as low as $7. You can load up on all the lingerie you want and get more than you would at the competing brands, plus it’s one of the most popular celebrity products out there!

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5. Ariana Grande Perfume

Ariana Grande has created many perfumes. And truthfully, they smell exactly as you would expect. When thinking of Ariana Grande you think of this sweet and innocent girl who can also be sexy and dangerous. Her perfumes can create that atmosphere for those who wear it. Her perfumes are some of the best celebrity products out there and sometimes you don’t expect that from celebrities who put out perfumes. Ariana’s perfumes are also inexpensive if you think about the price of average 3.4-ounce perfumes. For the largest bottle of her cloud perfume, it’s $64. The price alone can make the product worth it. When you love the scent of a perfume, sometimes the price can be a turn-off. Not with Ariana’s, though.

6. Maison No. 9 Rose

Post Malone is one of the sweetest celebrities and has created many celebrity products. He is so under the radar but at the same time very much celebrated and loved. He has come out with Crocs which are a hit in the shoe community but he has more recently come out with a rose. The wine bottle itself is beautiful, a clear and simplistic bottle that matches Post Malone’s vibe entirely. Malone’s rose received 4.5 stars on and is said to be delightfully crisp and refreshing. Something special about getting a celebrity’s product is that sometimes you want something you can keep for a while after. Since the wine bottle itself is gorgeous, it can absolutely be repurposed. Especially if you bought the wine strictly because it was Post Malone’s and your one of his fans. This bottle can easily become a decoration after you enjoy the last sip.

Which celebrity products have you purchased? Are they worth it? Let us know in the comments below!

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