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What Carries Over From High School Into College

Transferring from Highschool to College is a big step in a young person’s life. You’re living on your own, or with a roommate. You’re parents are miles, or sometimes states away. You have to fight tooth and nail against yourself so that you can wake up in time to get to class. But as the saying goes, the more things change, the more they stay the same. You’d be surprised how many things carry over from your high school life. Here’s a list of a few.

1. Supply and Demand

Despite what some people may tell you, you’re still going to need school supplies. You may not need poster boards, construction paper and glue for arts and craft projects, but you are going to need to buy notebooks, notecards, and many, many school books. Even some computer programs. What you should keep in mind when buying school books are used ones. While they aren’t crisp and clean, they are remarkably less expensive. What is a bonus, however, is that some colleges have school stores to supply said supplies. And just like high school, at the end of the year, you can return those books that are eligible. Some even for a small sum of cash. But be sure you know which books entails that. You don’t want to make the mistake of buying over three hundred dollars worth of text books only to realize you can only return one for fifty dollars.

2. Study Study Study

You can bet your bottom dollar that you’re going to be studying a lot when you get to college. You may even find yourself in study groups with fellow classmates or dorm mates. If anything, you’re going to be studying a lot more than when you were in high school. And just like high school, you need to adjust your time accordingly to study for each class. The study habits that you’ve learned to ace your weekly tests will come in very handy once you go to college.

3. School Activities

Many colleges have clubs and organizations dedicated to one form of activity or another, just like high school. Newspaper Club, Dungeons & Dragons Club, The Basketball Team, The Volleyball Team. Any team or club you might have been a part of in high school may have a place in your college. Colleges usually have times where they advertise what groups they have to offer to potential members. And depending on the club, you could go pretty far in competitive tournaments. Though, this mostly applies to sports.

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4. Weekend Shenanigans

Like most high schoolers, college goers do all their studying during the main week of classes. However, once the weekend comes around, that’s when the fun starts. Movie nights, parties, clubbing. While some students experiment with their newfound freedom, and try all manner of new activities, most tend to keep to the habits they’ve established during their high school weekends, though their freshman and sophomore years at least. Be warned, though, going to far into that new sense of freedom can often lead into one form of trouble or another.

5. Style & Habits

How you style both yourself and your room from high school often follows you into your college years. You might be a bit more restrained in showing off your Metallica posters, but they’ll still be there. Touching back to the previous topic, habits you’ve picked up in high school? They’ll most certainly follow you. Going every Wednesday to buy comics? That’ll follow you. Listening to punk rock while you study? That’ll most certainly follow you. Wearing sweatpants everyday that you’ll go swimming in the afternoon? Once again, that will follow. What some college goers should be aware of is that college is the perfect time to make or break some habits.

The transition between high school and college can be scary. But it’s not as terrifying as you might think. Quite a few things follow you from high school. Are there any that you know about that aren’t listed here? Let us know below!
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