What Can I Do With This Major?

Knowing what to do after graduation is hard enough, but when you have a major with no clear career track, it gets hard to find motivation. Here is a list of common majors to get you started on potential job options!



Literary Agent

A literary agent is an agent for writers and movie producers who helps negotiate deals with the publishers.

Proposal Director

In this position you will be directing proposal writing in different types of companies.


This position oversees the selection, production, and distribution of stories and novels. Think Sandra Bullock in The Proposal.


Creative Writing

Comic Book Writer

Comic book fans rejoice! You can be the one who writes the stories for comic books.


Do you dream of writing novels? A creative writing degree will get you the experience you need to become a novelist writing non-fiction or fiction stories.


You can be a screenwriter and write stories for TV Shows.




Becoming an appraiser means that you will be finding the value of homes before they go on the market.


You can even be an entrepreneur and run your own business!

Corporate Travel Manager

A corporate travel manager makes group travel arrangements for companies.



Abuse/Crisis Counselor

An abuse/crisis counselor speaks with clients who have experienced traumatic events.

Court Clerk

You can be a court clerk, performing administrative and clerical duties.


Penologists are people who work in prisons for rehabilitation and facility management.



Academic Counselor

Academic counselors in schools (from elementary up to the college level) provide support services for students.


A psychologist focuses on helping clients with their mental health, through therapy.

Crisis Worker

In this position you will work in different agencies to help people in distress, from child advocacy to mental health hotlines.



Forensic Anthropologist

Want to learn more about bones? Become a forensic anthropologist and study bones for law enforcement agencies. Think Dr. Brennan from Bones.

Cultural Resource Manager

In this position you will be investigating and preserving cultural sites.


As an ethnologist you will be studying cultures and cultural behavior.




Archivists manage documents that have historical importance.

Historic Site Guide

They give tourists a look into the historical and religious significance of sites.


Political Science

Policy Analyst

These positions work for government organizations or as consultants using policy to solve social issues.

Campaign Officer

Interested in campaigns? Become a campaign officer and help build campaigns for public office candidates, like mayors and congressmen.

Relations Specialist

In this position you will work with different labor unions, to sort out different complaints and work out workplace policies.

See Also


Government Commissioned Marijuana Grower

Sounds a little odd, but so cool at the same time. You will be managing grow operations for legal marijuana dispensaries.


Biochemists study the chemical makeup of biological things like humans and animals. Biochemists can also work on pharmaceutical projects such as finding cures for disease.

Pharmaceutical Sales

You can land a job in pharmaceutical sales and market products and take care of existing clients’ product needs.



Food Scientist

A food scientist studies all the scientific properties of foods to ensure food products are safe for consumption, follows FDA guidelines and also evaluate nutritional value.


As scary as the name may sound, toxicologists look at how toxic materials affect the environment and health.


If you’re interested in meteorological and astronomical events ,become an Astrochemist.


Antique Dealer

Antique dealers could make use of a degree in history to procure and sell antiques. Ever wonder how the Antiques Roadshow people know all the backstories and historical information on antiques? A degree in History may help with that.


You can simply become a Historian who gathers and interprets historical data from different sources.

Museum Curator

These people are responsible for art and artifact collections, and acquire objects for collections.


Fine Arts


I’m sure you know this one, but they draw cartoons for comic books, newspapers, and other animated projects.

Stage Manager

You can also be a stage manager, making sure the execution of theater productions run smoothly. They manage the overall production, and sometimes delegate to assistant and deputy stage managers.

Feature image source: gransvillesawyer.com and returnofkings.com
Anastasia Kawerhas

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