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What Bars You Would Catch The Remaining Bachelor Contestants At

What Bars You Would Catch The Remaining Bachelor Contestants At

Peter has had a season full of drama between the 30 girls who had to share him and were put into a mansion to live together for months. Peter has finally gotten it down to 4 girls, he’s headed to the girl’s hometowns where he will meet their parents, siblings, and friends. Madison Prewett, Kelsey Weier, Victoria Fuller, and Hannah Ann Sluss are the final 4 girls who all want Peter’s heart but have polar opposite personalities. We get to see what goes on behind the scenes and have an inside look at how the girls act when Peter isn’t around. If they decided to come to visit Tallahassee these are the bars you’d most likely catch them at. 

1. Madison Prewett / Township

The first one out of the 4 remaining bachelor contestants is Madison. She has been very unproblematic this season and stood clear of the drama between the contestants. She has focused on Peter and their relationship. She went on a one on one date with Peter where she got to meet his entire family. She has been the only girl out of everyone to meet his family.  Township is located in Collegetown right across from the intermural fields. Madison is the sporty girl of the 4, she played basketball in High School and in college at Auburn. She won 4 state basketball championships in high school and received MVP one year. She has two sides to her because she also competed in the 2014 Miss Alabama Teen USA Pageant. Township is a very laid back atmosphere where you can grab a drink and socialize with all your friends. They also have the perfect appetizers for a quick mid happy hour snack. Madison hasn’t been problematic this season and tries to avoid the drama.  You can catch her heading from the intermural fields to Township after some outdoor activity where she’ll get a liter Das Mule to clench her thirst. 


2. Kelsey Weier / Centrale 

Kelsey is the oldest one of the four, but despite this, she has gotten herself into drama throughout the weeks. She is not afraid to confront you and call you out if you say something. When someone else got ahold of her sentimental champagne she was not happy about it and was quick to call out Hannah Ann. When Peter sat her down with a new bottle of champagne we learned she’s a classy girl who drinks champagne straight from the bottle. She quickly became a meme after having the champagne bottle explode on her face, but she and Peter laughed it off and enjoyed some more of the champagne while she calmed down. Centrale is the perfect place for her to sit at a candlelit table where she can drink all the wine and champagne she wants with a pizza on the side. Being able to order her own bottle she can make sure no one else gets their hands on it before she does. She might end up crying about something but who knows with her. 

3. Victoria Fuller / Standard

Victoria doesn’t know what she’s doing and what she wants with Peter. Constantly talking about the insecurities and problems they have and in the end she always ends up crying. On her one on one with Peter earlier in the season she had a run-in with her ex-boyfriend and country singer Chase Rice. Who would’ve thought she’d run into her ex on a tv show where shes trying to find new love. It was one of the most awkward moments as Peter tried to dance with her but her attention was elsewhere. As one of the most complicated remaining bachelor contestants, Victoria F. would probably have a hard time deciding what bar to even go to. Pregaming until she makes her decision her friends are already done with happy hour and back home. Ready to go out she convinces her friends to go to Standard with her. Walking into the crowded bar and not being able to see the front of the bar she finds herself looking for her ex-boyfriend who is definitely in a booth. With access to free alcohol and a little drama being with her ex it’s the perfect way to end her night. 

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4. Hannah Ann Sluss/ Potbelly’s

Hannah Ann was a model before appearing on The Bachelor. On the first night, she was not afraid to take time away from Peter and it really bothered the other girls. Some of them didn’t get any time with him but she wasn’t there to sit around and drink wine. Hannah Ann was ready to do anything to get to know Peter more who might end up being her future husband. She is a confident girl who has her eyes on the prize, she definitely got Peters’s attention because she was the one who received the first impression rose. She got herself into some drama at the beginning of the show when Peter and herself drank Kelsey’s sentimental bottle of champagne. Hannah Ann has also gotten plenty of comments about her young age and people think she is a child. She has made jokes about the petty comments on the show as well as social media. Being one of the most popular 18+ bars in Tallahassee Potbelly’s is the perfect place to let loose and enjoy. Out of the remaining bachelor contestants, she is the one to let loose and dance in the middle of everyone without having a care in the world. You can try to judge her all you want she’ll still have a big smile on her face. 


Wine, champagne, or mixed drinks these girls have a glass of something in their hand at least once during the show. The 4 remaining bachelor contestants Madison, Kelsey, Victoria, and Hannah Ann all have the same goal but let’s not forget that these girls know how to party. There are so many options in Tallahassee if you want to go out and have a few drinks but based on their personalities these are the bars you would most likely catch them at.