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What Album You Should Jam Out To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

What Album You Should Jam Out To Based On Your Zodiac Sign

Trust in your zodiac sign to end the struggle of finding new music to add to your daily jam session. The universe (with a little help from me) has uncovered some epic albums perfectly picked for your tastes! I promise it will feel like astrological destiny!



If the fact that both the album and artist are written in all capital letters doesn’t speak to the soul of every Aries, I don’t know what else will! This zodiac sign promotes taking charge and showing by doing so we know they will appreciate the musical fire in this album. Each song is infused with an upbeat energy that you can feel throughout your entire body. As a fire sign, any Aries can appreciate the adventurous and rebellious attitude in this underrated album.



Album- 30 by Adele (2021)

Much like with her previous albums, Adele poured her heart and soul into this beautiful composition of expressive melodies and pure instrumentals. Her voice layers smoothly over gentle piano scores and soft beats that allow you to feel every emotion just as deeply as Adele did when she was recording this album. Adele even said herself that it was her most personal album yet which makes it perfect for Taurus’s bleeding hearts. 



Album- The Marshall Mathers LP 2 by Eminem (2013)

Gemini brains practically function at the speed of light so who would be a better match than the Rap God himself, Eminem. Known as one of the more erratic signs, we figured it was best to pick a rap album that could keep up with their fast-paced personalities. With so many messages to uncover, Gemini won’t be able to stop listening to this lyrically-driven album that provides the satisfactory mental stimulation they need.



Album- Love Story (Taylor’s Version) by Taylor Swift (2021)

Indulge yourself in reliving your best childhood memories by listening to the iconic Love Story album that Taylor re-recorded and released last year. Cancers are a water sign prone to being nostalgic and there’s no denying that we were all Swifties back in the day. Allow yourself to go back to where it all began and sing your heart out to this iconic album.



Album- Prism by Katy Perry (2013)

With the first song being titled “Roar”, I think it’s pretty obvious that this musical masterpiece is perfect for the inner lion that lives inside every Leo. Accurately referred to as one of the most dramatic zodiac signs, Leos will surely enjoy the theatrical composition and confident lyrics within this album. It will soon become an essential addition to your playlist!



Album- Lemonade by Beyoncé (2016)

We all know that this amazing Beyoncé album was inspired by Jay-Z’s betrayal and infidelity, but it also has a much deeper theme. Queen Bey uses her lyrical genius to paint a story of overcoming struggles, the historical impacts of slavery, and feminism. Virgos have such a keen eye for detail that we just know they will appreciate all the symbolism within this album!



Album- Fine Line by Harry Styles (2019)

Much like the singer, this album is the perfect combination of mesmerizing, romantic, and playful which rightfully attracts attention from the more heart-driven zodiac signs. Libras are a sucker for anything relating to love and this album is full of that! The combination of all the different melodies and styles creates a beautiful balance of emotions that Libras just can’t resist!



Album- SOUR by Olivia Rodrigo (2021)

Arguably one of this generation’s most unique break-up albums, “SOUR” will show you how it feels to be on rock bottom and immediately make you feel like you’re at the top of the world!  Olivia Rodrigo holds nothing back in her passion-filled songs that feed right into Scorpio’s emotional intensity. 


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Album- Voulez-Vous by ABBA (1979)


As one of the more adventurous and fun-loving zodiac signs, we know that Sagittarius will fawn over the eclectic and high-energy music within ABBA’s amazing album “Voulez-Vous”. With the members of the band often finding inspiration for their music on their travels across the globe, they make a perfect pairing with the trail-blazing personalities of Sagittarius’.


Album- The Wall by Pink Floyd (1979)


If time travel existed, Capricorns would be the most likely to buy a ticket to return to the golden age of music out of all the zodiac signs. Their nostalgic personalities lend them to listening to older jams, like “The Wall” by Pink Floyd which was a classic from the 80s psychedelic rock genre. With its ethereal tunes, this album attracts Capricorns by connecting them to the emotional realm.


Album- Currents by Tame Impala (2015)


The experimental style used by Tame Impala when they created their hit album “Currents” speaks to the soul of every Aquarius. Always looking to discover more of what life has to offer, this air sign prides itself on being innovative and out of the ordinary. They strive toward finding music no one has ever heard of, and while this album came out over 7 years ago, it was revolutionary for its time. If you think about it, it was probably an Aquarius who showed you the album in the first place!


Album- Ultraviolence by Lana Del Rey (2014)


Much like their fellow water signs, Pisces is extremely emotion-based and will enjoy music that touches deep into their soul. As a Pisces, your good days are your best days but more often than not, your bad days are your worst days. The empathetic tendencies of Pisces’ will draw them to Lana Del Rey who stands alone in the music industry with her raw and provocative lyrics paired with melancholy ballads that offers an escape and an outlet for emotional burdens.

Listen to what the universe is telling you and check out your new favorite album immediately! Let us know your opinions about the album assigned to your zodiac sign in the comments!

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