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What Actually Are The Benefits From CBD Oil

What Actually Are The Benefits From CBD Oil

It’s no secret CBD oil is everywhere. Brands are marketing it as a way to treat a variety of ailments. CBD oil has been promised to help with joint pain, anxiety, headaches, sleeping struggles, and it’s even been marketed towards pets. CBD oil has quickly become one of the most popular health products on the market. With all of these claims it might seem like this marijuana compound is a miracle but it can also lead to an overwhelming amount of misinformation and confusion. If you’re interested in CBD oil but are a little unsure of what actually are the benefits and risks from it are this might help. 

What Even Is It?

First off, it isn’t weed and it isn’t going to get you stoned. CBD oil, or cannabidiol, is a natural ingredient in marijuana. It’s similar to hemp. While it is made from marijuana it isn’t going to get you high the way that actually smoking or ingesting the plant will. CBD oil doesn’t have THC (tetrahydrocannabinol) in it which is what gets you high.

What Actually Are The Benefits From CBD Oil

CBD oil, like hemp oil, is scientifically extracted from the marijuana plant. It does not naturally come in an oil form, typically after extraction it goes through a filtration process to take away any impurities that might still be lingering. From there it is placed in a mixture of typically coconut, olive, or hemp oil.

The process of creating CBD oil can be complex and there are a lot of websites online claiming to show you how to create your own at home. While it might be tempting to DIY it it’s better to leave it to professionals. Too little will definitely have no results and too much might have THC and cause an unwanted high.

Buyers Beware

CBD oil is good thing if you’re not looking to get high but the downside is this isn’t actually regulated. Nearly all of the products out there are not regulated the same way other medications would have to be. Meaning there is no actual guarantee about how much or how little CBD oil you’re actually getting. In a Time magazine article posted earlier this year Margaret Haney, a professor of neurobiology at Columbia University Medical Center who is also the director for the universities marijuana research lab, warns people about the dangers of buying from unreliable companies. If you aren’t confident about the product it’s better to pass, it might not even contain CBD oil but instead have undesirable ingredients like snake oil. While CBD oil is legal throughout America it is ideal to purchase these products in states like Colorado, where products are required to be tested for authenticity and safety.

What’s The Appeal 

Since marijuana isn’t legal everywhere there isn’t a lot of research done around the world of weed. Even in states where it’s legal there isn’t federal funding provided for testing. Therefore the true extent of the health benefits CBD oil has is unsure at the moment. 

Initially CBD oil was suspected to help those suffering from epilepsy. There is actual evidence to back this up but not enough for a resounding answer. In recent years scientists and health experts have begun expanding on what CBD oil can do. Currently researchers are in the early stages of seeing if the product can help with schizophrenia and people suffering from PTSD. 

Mental Illness And CBD Oil

There are other claims that CBD oil can help with acne, chronic pain, and sleeping struggles to name a few. The most popular claim out there right now is that this health product can help alleviate the symptoms from anxiety and depression. While those are popular claims, even a few celebrities have spoken up in favor of this “miracle” oil there isn’t actual evidence to back these remarks up. There are studies done outside of the United States, a study done in São Paulo University in Brazil claims it helped individuals with social phobia. 

What Actually Are The Benefits From CBD Oil

Sleep Aid

Another popular claim is that CBD oil helps with sleep. This is a claim that might actually be more on the true side. One of the downsides of using CBD oil for anything other than sleep is that it will make you sleepy. Huffington Post spoke with Michael Breus, a board certified sleep specialist and a clinical psychologist, said research shows it can help relax people who suffer from sleep disorders. Although sleep disorders are complex and sometimes the underlying issue isn’t the inability to just sleep there are several other factors that come into play. So while you might become sleepy that doesn’t always mean you’re going to sleep.

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What Actually Are The Benefits From CBD Oil

Is It Safe?

Like any medical product out there CBD oil has potential side effects. People have reported having stomach problems such as nausea or diarrhea. Since it is often used as a sleep aid it can make people feel drowsy if used during the day. Plus there is always the chance that there won’t be any effects at all from the CBD oil, for some people it just might not work. 

The overall resounding message coming from doctors and scientists alike is that there just isn’t enough research out there to back up any of these claims. Until there is federal funding and more resources a lot of people who would research this product have their hands tied. Similar to other modern “miracle” serums there is no way to know if CBD oil really does help with acne because there are no studies done to prove it. 

There have been cases, such as people suffering from severe seizure disorders, saying CBD oil has helped them. That in no way suggests people should trade in their medication for the marijuana compound. It’s important to talk to your doctor before adding or stopping any form of medication. 

CBD oil sounds like a godsend, if all claims are true than this is a miracle drug. Odds are, that isn’t true. This product probably does have many medical benefits but because of lack of research it’s uncertain. If you live in an area, like Colorado, where it’s regulated than there is no harm in trying it out. Just don’t expect it to cure every single ailment. 

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