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10 Things To Know Before West Chester Orientation

10 Things To Know Before West Chester Orientation

10 Things To Know Before West Chester Orientation

West Chester is such a vibrant place, so active and alive. In just a few short weeks it will be time to call this place your new home. For the next four years, you will spend all your time here laughing, crying, studying, and making new friends. This is a very exciting and horrifying time for everyone, however you must get through freshman orientation first. These are the 10 things I wish I knew before West Chester orientation.

1. Everyone is in the same position.

YOU ARE ALL FRESHMAN! YOU ARE ALL NERVOUS! Try to branch out and make some friends. The more people you talk to now the more familiar faces you will see in the fall.

2. Your parents have their own orientation.

Parents have their own information sessions. They will here a lot of the same talks as you, however you will not see them at all. Take advantage of not having your parents around, step out of your comfort zone and be yourself.


3. Ask questions!

Your tour guides are West Chester Students they have all the answers to your questions so don’t hesitate to ask them anything school related. These students are paid to do this. THIS IS THEIR JOB!!!

4. Make sure you sent a picture in for your Ramcard before orientation.

Sending your ID picture in ahead of time is extremely important, because if you do not send in a picture you will not receive you Ramcard. Your Ramcard is required for move in!

 5. Bring snacks.

Although you will stop for a lunch break, it is a long day and you will probably want a snack.


6. Put your phone away.

There is absolutely no use for your phones. This is a time to make a first impression, to enjoy the campus and spend a day in your new home. Take in your new surroundings and pay attention, try not to waste your whole day on Snapchat.

 7. Join a WCU group me.

If you haven’t already make sure to join a WCU group me. This will be a place for you to meet new people prior to orientation. It might even be a good idea to meet up with a few of these people during orientation.

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 8. Make connections.

This is your first time on campus as a WCU student! Get to know your tour guides. For all you know they could be three doors down from you in your dorm. Also get to know your advisor during the schedule handout meeting. Make as many connections as possible, it will only help you to know several people on campus.

9. Bring a water bottle.

West Chester is a medium sized school with a North campus as well as a South campus. There will be TONS of walking. However through out the day you will have chances to fill up your water bottle. MAKE SURE YOU HAVE ONE!

 10. Get hype you’re a RAM!!

These next few months are going to be super exciting, filled with new friends, new teachers, new experiences, and endless possibilities. Always be yourself and stay open to trying new things. Congratulations on becoming a Golden Ram and let this new chapter begin!!

Is there anything else you wish you knew before West Chester orientation? Let us know down below!
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