20 Signs You Went To Westfield High School

Every high school has certain traditions, unique qualities, and experiences that only students can relate to. These are the 20 signs you went to Westfield High School!

20 signs you went to Westfield High School!

1. You know the funniest part of the horse statue

2. You have asked the magic sub to “do just ONE more trick”

3. You have called the principal “Stacy Mac” to her face

4. Your high school goal is to be a ROCKS! boy or to paint one up for Friday night football games

5. You have waited in line for 15 minutes or more just to buy an American Pie ticket

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6. You leave 5 minutes earlier than you need to in the morning so you don’t have to park by the tennis courts

7. Your favorite part of the school day is/was going to Mr. Ewing’s class or you were jealous of the kids that had him

8. You know Mr. Field’s daughter has a pink car he got her

9. You have held your breath walking by the English wing bathrooms

10. You have booed the freshman every year during the “We feel good” chant, but you complained about it when you were freshman

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11. After school you have gone 40 miles per hour in the neighborhood behind the school

12. You have boasted about our top of the line stadium that has a jumbotron

13. You look forward to watching RockTV so you don’t have to do any school work for 12 minutes

14. You know who Mrs. Alan is

15. Mario is no longer a Nintendo game

16. You park in the first release when you’re late to school hoping the parking passes don’t get checked that day

17. You have been called “baby” by the nice lunch lady

18. You have to turn your wifi off just to get on Snapchat

19. You hate the music they play over the intercoms on Fridays because it’s either a horrible song or you can’t understand it

20. You rock

Do you have any other signs you went to Westfield High School!? Share in the comments below!

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