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Top 5 Weirdest Places To Have Sex At Your College

Top 5 Weirdest Places To Have Sex At Your College

I didn’t start having sex until my early twenties, which means I missed out on the high school make-out sessions that happened under the bleachers at lunch. However, once I did start having sex in college, I didn’t want to ever stop. It was most of what I thought about during the day, which is a shame because I was racking up a lot of student debt being in those classes. Because I was thinking about sex so much, I started brainstorming the best places to have sex in my college. So here are the top 5 weirdest places to have sex at your college.

Top 5 Weirdest Places To Have Sex At Your College

2. The stairwell

Isn’t the thrill of getting caught having sex in public almost as great as the actual sex? It’s not that I want to get caught, but the fear gets me going. The stairwells at my college, and most in Seattle, are pretty private. They’re like little hallways that connect floors, most of which have indents built into them that are the perfect size for two people to fit into without being noticed. After hours, during a study break or even first thing in the morning you can slip into one of these nooks and go at it. As long as you’re quiet you shouldn’t get caught, hopefully.

2. The Library

Who says that printed books are dead? I say that we should keep libraries operating for as long as humans exist. Not just because I have a fetish for the printed word, but also because I have a fetish for going all 50 shades of grey in front of an actual copy of 50 shades of grey. The college pours so much money into their libraries so that they can look more prestigious, but let’s face it the students aren’t using those buildings for studying. If I need to cram for a final, I’m doing it at home in my bedroom where I’m comfortable spending a couple hours. If I need to cram something else in though, the library is the perfect spot. Most libraries have private meeting rooms now if you’re looking for a little extra privacy.

3. Under the bleachers

I mentioned earlier how I missed out on the make-out sessions that happened underneath my high school bleachers, which is why I am eager to make for lost time. If you’re not worried about having grass stains on your favorite blouse then you should try laying out on the grass behind the bleachers. Now it’s your choice if you want to try this place out in the daylight, at night time or even during a game. Either way, someone should be scoring on that field. The louder the crowd gets, the louder you can be, so I hope your school’s football team is there to win, because you most certainly are.

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4. Lecture halls

All the other areas on this list you can get away with having other people around, but on this one, I really have to insist you wait until everyone has left the building. Banging one out in the lecture hall of a class you hate can be extremely sexy and rewarding. Think about the acoustics in those rooms! Just make sure you lock the door behind you, I would hate for this to be the thing that gets you expelled. This might not be the weirdest place to have sex, but it is pretty fun.

5. Chem lab

Nerds are hot, get you a man who knows the human anatomy so well, it’s their major and honey, they’re honor students. A lab is Different from going at each other in a lecture hall because in the chem lab you have gadgets and gizmos a plenty. This location is best saved for when you have a lot of time on your hands and you’re looking for the weirdest places to have sex.

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Did this article get you thinking about where you want to spend your free time in college? Don’t worry about getting caught, it’ll be worth the story when you’re older about all the weirdest places to have sex in your college were.

Comment below the weirdest place you have ever had sex in your college.

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