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10 Of The Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors To Try This Summer

10 Of The Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors To Try This Summer

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It’s summertime! That means it’s officially ice cream season!  Although, if you’re like me, every season is ice cream season. However, sometimes the same old flavors can get boring, so recently the dessert industry has revamped itself by creating flavors based off of some of our most favorite foods. In all fairness, most of these foods are delicious on their own, but maybe shouldn’t have been translated into the form of ice cream. But in the spirit of trying new things, here’s a list of the ten weirdest ice cream flavors to try this summer.

1. Avocado

Your favorite basic-girl-toast-topping meets your favorite late night cheat treat.  Do you love avocados THAT much? If you do I applaud your dedication. However the highlight of this treat for me is that it remains a staple in Tom Brady’s strict diet. Does that mean this treat ensures success? You tell me.

10 of The Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors to Try This Summer

2. Pizza

Ohhh pizza, our good good friend pizza. You can never go wrong with pizza. And those weekend cheat nights where you follow up you pizza indulgence with a pint of ice cream….well what if you could save time and money by combining the two? The most popular version of the flavor is available at Little Baby’s Ice Cream in Philadelphia.

3. Cheese

Cheese goes with everything. There’s so many different types of cheese and so many ways to use it. It’s on pizza, crackers, pasta, nachos, and it even makes salads bearable. But has cheese reached its final frontier with ice cream?  This new trend has many conducting concoctions with several different versions. There’s many recipes available online for you to create your own at home using your favorite cheese. But for those who want it pre-made, I’ve attached a version mixing red berries with goat cheese. 

4. Pickle

You may have seen this one going viral on facebook. The age has come for pickle ice cream.  Salt, vinegar, a sweet cold dessert, have you ever heard of anything more delicious? I know I have, but to each his own, man. Maybe that’s just because I’ve given up pickles to show my allegiance to one of cartoon’s greatest characters , Pickle Rick.

10 of The Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors to Try This Summer

5.  Bacon

The best addition to a plate of pancakes or a couple eggs, bacon is the holy grail of breakfast foods.  Is it now extending its reign to the world of desserts? There’s hundreds of recipes available online for those brave enough.

6. Garlic

Italian food, yes. Ice cream? Not too sure about that. Garlic ice cream has made multiple appearances recently, mostly at festivals celebrating the flavor in all its glory.  However, I wouldn’t recommend indulging in this treat before kissing someone, especially a vampire.

10 of The Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors to Try This Summer

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7. Bone Marrow

 I honestly don’t know anyone who  indulges in bone marrow, besides my dog. But to each his own, and for those who really love the flavor, there’s a new ice cream out there that combines it with cherries. This is truly one of the weirdest ice cream flavors.

8. Lobster

Are you really from Massachusetts if you don’t LOVE lobster ice cream? Probably, because I don’t know a soul who has tried it.  But if you’d like to try your favorite expensive crustacean as a creamy dessert you have that liberty!

9. Oyster

Here’s another from the seafood family in case the lobster ice cream didn’t satisfy your tastebuds. Oyster ice cream has been around for ages and has lately been debated to be present for the first Thanksgiving.  The treat has reportedly been beloved by many throughout history including Mark Twain and George Washington.

10. Condom

 Wow. I wish I was kidding, but here we are.  Your favorite (or least favorite) form of protection now being served as a creamy dessert.  Now in all fairness this technically isn’t the ice cream’s “flavor” but rather its packaging. Yes, this ice cream is served from the inside of a condom.  Apparently the packages typically label the treat as “eggs” for the shape they take on inside the rubber. I’ve attached a link below reviewing a form of the treat labeled as “turtle eggs”. So head to Korea if you’re a fan of unnecessary consumption methods, or just mortifying your parents. This is definitely one of the weirdest ice cream flavors there is.

10 of The Weirdest Ice Cream Flavors to Try This Summer

Which one of these weirdest ice cream flavors will you try? Let us know down below!
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