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10 Weird Quarantine Time-Killers To Try When You’re Bored

10 Weird Quarantine Time-Killers To Try When You’re Bored

Thanks to sheltering in, there are plenty of amusing quarantine time-killers brought to us by people who might have a little too much free time.  Try occupying your time with these strange and funny activities that will make you forget you’re stuck at home.  These random time-killers are great ways to destress during an uncertain time, so remember to have fun with these and get creative.  Enjoy this list of some unusual qurantine time-killers.

1) Low Budget Cosplay

A favorite among many internet comedians, low budget cosplays are a perfect way to entertain yourself from home.  Find whatever materials you have around the house, and try to imitate your favorite characters.  It can be as simple as using bedclothes as robes or as complicated as painting your face and reorganizing your furniture, but whatever you can to match the scene.  Some people even try to recreate famous works of art, spending their time matching the image with only the items they find lying around the house.  If you’re committed enough, you can even get your pet involved and try your best to get them to pose.  It’s a silly and fun way to spend an afternoon, so try looking up your favorite characters or works of art and imagine all the ways you could try to recreate them!

10 Weird Quarantine Time-Killers To Try When You’re Bored

2) Silhouettes in the Window

Some people have found solace in an homage to Home Alon by using a prank from the movies.  People use their furniture, clothes, and other common items they can find and turning them into what are essentially giant puppets.  By using pulleys with string, rotating fans, or any other forms of motion control, they can rig their furniture together to form silhouettes of people.  By blasting some music, drawing the curtains, and playing with their motion systems, they can trick the neihbors into thinking a party is going on in their home.  This goofy quarantine time-killer leaves it to you to find creative ways to move your clothes and furniture in convincing ways.

3) Breaking Fruit

Another ridiculous internet stunt, one man managed to use roughly 900 rubber bands to crush a watermelon in half.  Maybe you don’t have the commitment to place hundreds of rubber bands onto one fruit, but you could always try this with a much smaller fruit.  Or find your own unique way to smash fruit.  You could try using a car or bicycle to run them over, slam them in a door, or whatever else you want to experiment with.  This may be one of the goofiest quarantine time-killers, but it can be a fun trial.  Just make sure you aren’t left with clean-up duty!

10 Weird Quarantine Time-Killers To Try When You’re Bored

4) Recreate Movies

Similar to low-budget cosplay, but this time your acting can really be put to the test.  Try making a movie set in your own home, make your best disguises, and put your own funny twist on a classic movie.  Sometimes it helps to play the movie audio while acting, just to really get into the atmosphere.  Commit to acting and make your from-home spoof.

5) Sing from the Rooftop

Many people are aware of how many Italians sang from their balconies in an attempt to raise moral during hard times.  Many others have tried their best to recreate this from their homes.  Maybe you don’t have a balcony, but you can always climb to your roof, place some speakers out the window, and belt out your favorite song to your heart’s content.  Try to get your neihbors in on the fun, or grab your roommates or instruments and let some music out into the world.

6) Single Ply your TP

Definitely one of the strangest quarntine time-killers seen out on the internet, this could actually be useful in places where toilet paper stock is running low.  Using a series of wheels, you can take multi-plied toilet paper and unravel it into two seperate, single-plied toilet paper.  This is by no means an essential task, but it might save you the hassel of searching your local stores, where toilet paper tends to be emptied out quickly.  Even if you aren’t worried about your supply of toilet paper, it can be a silly activity to kill a few hours.

10 Weird Quarantine Time-Killers To Try When You’re Bored

7) Rave at Home

A lot of people find their own ways to sing, dance, and make music from home.  Flick your light switch to create a strobe light.  Slam shut drawers or doors to make a beat.  Even clang some pots and pans together.  Blast some dubstep or techno, find some creative ways to light your home, and just dance.

8) Corona Covers Songs

Another musical quarantine time-killer, there are already plenty songs out there remade for a Corona filled society.  Some songs come to mind like Stayin’ Inside (Bees Gees’ Stayin’ Alive) or Wash My Hands (The Beatles’ I Wanna Hold Your Hand).  Try to write and play your own song about life during the quarantine.  This will be a memorable time for the entire world, so some good music may as well help document it.

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9) Sport Stacking

Grab as many solo cups as you have in the house and build yourself a pyramid.  Then, stack them up.  Make the pyramid again, stack them again, faster each time.  Eventually, you’ll be a sport stacking master.  Challenge yourself to see just how fast you can construct a pyramid out of these flimsy cups, and how fast you can restack them after that.  If you have enough, you can even make a game out of this with your friends, or even a tournament.  Aim for the top of that pyramid!

10 Weird Quarantine Time-Killers To Try When You’re Bored

10) Miniature Photography

Find all your toys around the house, or any other small objects you might have, like paper clips, candies, or whatever else.  Try to make a scene out of them, give it a sense of action and movement, and photograph away.  Some people have created amazing works of art with toy cars or green soldiers, so get creative with it and the enviroments you have available!  Everything you find can be repurposed for a tinier world.

10 Weird Quarantine Time-Killers To Try When You’re Bored

Are you ready for your boredom to vanish with these time-killers?  Let us know which ones were your favorites in the comments!

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