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8 Weird Places You Must See On Your Next Day Trip

8 Weird Places You Must See On Your Next Day Trip


Having fun and carefree days where you can let go of your strife and worries of life is always a beautiful thing to have. Whether you are exploring by yourself or with a group of close friends, it’s necessary to take a break from the worries of life and do your own thing for a little while. One of the best ways to do this is by going on a day trip, just a short weekend outing for yourself where you can go somewhere else and do something against the grain of a healthy life. But finding a perfect vacation spot can be hard if you’re not sure where to look. So here are a few places we’ve come with if you’re looking for ideas to brainstorm with. 


If you’ve never gone exploring within a cave for one of your day trips or as a vacation spot, then I have to tell you that you are seriously missing out. Not only are the ecosystems of each cave super unique to that particular cave, but it’s great for if you’re looking for a place that you feel like you can get lost in easily. Although this vacation spot is not something that I would recommend to some who isn’t comfortable with tight spaces, the discovery and environmental thrill of exploration is tough to beat. All the stress of your day to day life just seems to melt away when exploring below the earth. So the next time you’re scratching your head wondering where to go for the day, try looking up some local caves that are safe to explore. 

8 Weird Places You Must See On Your Next Day Trip


Antique Stores

Life is like a box of chocolates, you’ll never know what you’re going to get. And antique or thrift stores are very much the same way. You don’t even have to buy anything to enjoy what you find inside of them. Not only is it basically a coin toss every time you go inside one, what exactly it is that you’ll find. But it also just plain fun to see all the strange and unique knick-knacks that you can come across. SO the next time you want to go somewhere, but you don’t want to leave society behind entirely, try going to an antique shop and see what part of funky humanity you can find. 

Public Gardens 

If the outdoors are the type of vacation spot that you yearn for when dealing with your day to day life, but you don’t want to go too wild and free, then try going to a local public gardens. Not only, as the name suggests, are they open to the public, making it an ideal place to go if you’re in desperate need of some fresh air and sunshine, but they are also perfect if you’re planning to go somewhere with a significant other. Not to mention that there’s probably going to be a cafe nearby so you can get a bite to eat. The perfect lunch and walk through the flower beds combo that is sure to delight anyone that enjoys a bit of nature in their day to day life.

8 Weird Places You Must See On Your Next Day Trip


Ren Faire 

For those of you looking for a vacation spot that genuinely transports you away from your life and gives you a good dose of escapism into another place in its entirety, then the ren fair is for you. Not only is it the perfect place for those that are looking for a carefully cultivated getaway, but it’s also just one of those places that are filled with fun. There’s a little something for everyone; if you’re the academic type, then there are lots of historical things to learn from. If you’re someone who enjoys food, then there are undoubtedly tons of treats and delightful indulgences for you to look into. For those of you who like to dress up and explore in a world of fancy, then there truly is no better place in the world for you. 


Cemeteries have a tendency to get a bad rep when it comes to day to day life in our western society. While I wouldn’t recommend it for a vacation spot per se, I do think that going through them for a pleasant stroll or even just a simple walk through them can clear your head on a particularly needed day trip. Sometimes it can be precisely what you might need without even realizing it. Not only does visiting a local cemetery get you more in touch with your local community by seeing what sorts of people lived there before you, but it’s also a usually peaceful place that not many people know about. So next time you’re not sure where to go, try visiting a local cemetery. 


Books are the perfect escapism for when you’re locked at home. But sometimes you need to set out of your bookwormish tendencies and actually go into the outside world. However, if going on a wild and semi-dangerous day trip to a vacation spot that you’re not sure you would like isn’t your style, then I would highly recommend perhaps going to your local bookstore to find new thrills. Not only are bookstores some of the most exciting places that you can go to if you’re the bookish type, but they are also just so comfortable overall. 

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8 Weird Places You Must See On Your Next Day Trip


The woods are the perfect quick getaway for those that require a place to take a deep breath. All you have to do is go outside, find a cluster of trees, and walk through them to see what you find. You don’t need to be looking for anything in particular, just let yourself get lost in the experience of reconnecting with nature. Not only that but if you are in a specific area that has particular birds, listening to bird calls can be extremely relaxing. Find a little spot somewhere that you don’t mind sitting down in, and just listen to the sounds of nature surrounding you as the cloud float by over your head. 

Indoor Skydiving 

Perhaps you are an adventurous type through and through though, maybe you’re someone who wants to take to the skies and excite your senses with a rush of adrenaline. Well, if that’s the case, then do we have a suggestion for you. Not only is indoor skydiving becoming more and more actively available for more people in various areas, but it’s perfect for the thrill-seeker in your life that wants to live on the edge. Not only that, but it’s certainly cheaper than doing the real thing which requires fees for airplanes and training. 

Do you have any day-trip ideas or unique vacation spots? Comment down below to let us know!