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30 Weird Gifts You Can Actually Buy On Amazon

Everybody loves Amazon because of its fast shipping, cheap prices, and what seems to be an endless inventory of crap you know you don’t really need, but want to buy anyway. Often times, these strange items actually make really great gag gifts – White Elephant anyone? Here’s a list of 30 weird gifts you can actually buy on Amazon. And if none of these suit you, here’s 20 more unique gifts you can check out!

1. Money Toilet Paper for the ultimate tp experience.

Seriously, this exists.. for less than $100 The perfect gift for someone who likes to do business. Wipe wisely!

2. Handerpants when regular gloves are just too boring.

Being exactly what they sound like, these are literally underpants for your hands. They can be worn as gloves or under gloves, which just further proves these things are $11 panties for your palms.


3. Unicorn Meat if you want to own the weirdest gift.

To make this product even weirder, it’s not even edible. According to the product description, there’s a “dismembered stuffed unicorn” in the can… which is, you know, totally what every unicorn-lover would love to see. This excellent source of sparkles will run you about $19.

4. Potty Putter to stay active on the toilet.

…Because who doesn’t want to brush up on their golf skills while sitting on the toilet? The set comes with a putting green, two golf balls, a putter and a flag stick for about $9.

5. Potty Fisher for your fishing friends.

If golf isn’t your game, you can always try your luck at fishing… for $15.

6. Asian Man Wall Decal when you need something over the top to decorate your room.

If you’re feeling super lonely, this nice Asian man can be stuck on your wall so you have a perpetual friend…or dad. His friendship will cost you about $28.

7. Inflatable Toast to prank your friends.

Now you can have your toast and eat it too…

8. Yodeling Pickle just because.

A “great gift for the person who has everything except a yodeling pickle.” How can you beat that argument? Better question, who wouldn’t want to listen to an electronic pickle make yodeling noises for hours?.

9. Pickle Flavored Mints if you really love the taste of pickles.

Again, with the pickles. If you don’t want to listen to one yodel, now you can chew on one for hours! Probably one of the most delicious weird gifts you can give? Maybe not…

10. Live Ladybugs because who doesn’t love ladybugs?

1,500 of them! If you’re in need of an insane amount of live ladybugs being delivered to your doorstep, just check Amazon. You can get them for about $11 including shipping – that’s less than 1 cent per bug!

11. Fish School so you can have Olympian fish.

If you think your fish is just not talented enough, now you can train him! This kit comes with various sports and activities for your pet fish and a manual on how to train. So for $30, you can watch your fish undoubtedly continue to swim around like he usually does. 

12. An Ice Cream Lock so you avoid the temptation.

Tired of your roommate eating your ice cream? Well now, you can lock it up so they physically can’t eat anymore. With this ice cream lock, you twist it onto your ice cream and use a 3-digit combination to lock and unlock. See who eats your ice cream now!

13. Cheeseburger Costume

Forget a normal outfit and cover up your entire body with this $27 cheeseburger costume. Who doesn’t love weird gifts like this?


14. HoodiePillow for the ultimate tucked inexperience.

Still want to keep your head covered while you sleep, but don’t want to wear your newly purchased cheeseburger? You can get the HoodiePillow, which is literally a $30 pillowcase with a hood on it. This takes being tucked in to a new level.

15. A Face Slimmer to exercise your mouth.

After you get your beauty sleep with your new HoodiePillow, you can wake up and exercise! Well, exercise your mouth, at least. This product will supposedly reduce wrinkles if you pop it in your mouth for three minutes per day, but it honestly looks ridiculous. It’s only $3 if you feel like experimenting, though. These weird gifts just keep getting weirder…

16. Marshmallows because who doesn’t love lucky charms?

Once your face is all slimmed, you might want a snack. Perhaps 8 pounds of marshmallows will fill you up for $53. This is one the best weird gifts if you love always picking these out of your lucky charms!

17. Uranium for your next science project?

Yes, you can actually buy a radioactive Uranium ore in a can. It’s a little pricey at $40, but then again, it’s literally a radioactive chemical… so why are you buying that anyway?

18. Giant Novelty Penny!

This penny may be in mint condition from 1972, and is about as big as your hand!

19. Two Dollar Bills for twice the price.

Along the same lines, you can also be the proud owner of $10 for the low price of $20!

20. Bath Buzz Caffeinated Soap, so you don’t fall asleep in the shower.

Never fall asleep in the shower again! This peppermint soap supposedly has 200mg of caffeine in it, which is just about twice the amount in a cup of coffee.

21. UFO Detector for all of your sci-fi loving friends.

If you not only believe in aliens but also want to meet them, now you might be able to. This machine is said to detect the “magnetic and electromagnetic disturbances” that come from UFOs, so next time you see a strange light, get your $87 ready.

22. Wi-Fi Detector Shirt, it wont help you find Wi-Fi though.

When you’re done finding UFOs you can go and find the strongest wi-fi signal with this t-shirt’s built-in detector. And it’ll only cost ya $15.

23. Face Blanket for those extra cold nights.

Have you ever tried to snuggle up and get cozy but your nose was super cold? Now you can solve that ever-pressing issue with a $10 blanket for your face. And to make it even better, the blanket has a convenient hole for your nose so you can still, you know, breathe.

See Also

24. Beard Head if you want to look like a lumberjack.

If you’re into the blanket, but you’re still looking for a way to warm up your face, you can always get a nifty little $18 beanie with a fake, knit beard attached to it. This would be totally acceptable for girls, right?…

25. Bones for your anatomy project.

No, they’re not real, but they’re still 10 pounds’ worth. For $52, you can teach yourself aggressive amounts of anatomy with this bulk bone bag.

26. Finger Sporks to take snacking to the next level.

Finally, you won’t have to deal with the incredible burden of holding a fork and a spoon. What a relief that’s totally worth $13.50.

27. Gotta Go Poncho for when you gotta go, anywhere.

Serving as a disposable toilet of sorts, the poncho comes with two bags – one for number one and one for number two – and two cloths for what you’d figure they’d be for. The pack is $10, but the experience might be priceless.

28. Ham Dogger to confuse everyone at the next BBQ.

An $11 kitchen appliance that makes hamburger patties shaped like hot dogs. This is great for meat lovers with a phobia of circles or patty shapes.

29. Who doesn’t want a Nose Soap Dispenser for their shower?

This soap dispenser for the inside of your shower will make you feel like you’re covering yourself in snot in the shower – just what you’ve always wanted. The dispenser costs $8.

And finally…

30. Nothing …seriously, nothing.

Yeah, you can literally buy nothing… but it’ll cost you $9. It might be one of the pricier weird gifts on this list, but at least you’re getting the most bang for your buck! (JK.)

Have any other weird gifts you can buy on Amazon? Share in the comments!

Featured image source:
Laura Porecca

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