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15 Weekend Casual Outfits For Women

As a general rule, most weekend getaways are usually last-minute plans. Instead of spending hours of precious time that you could use to travel to your destination on choosing outfits, keep it simple and casual! Chances are if you are traveling on a whim, you will not be going or eating anywhere nice, so dress practically and comfortably!

Here are some casual outfits for a weekend getaway!

1. Elevated Jogger Outfit

If you don’t want to get out of your pajamas or want to feel like you are still wearing them, try creating some fun weekend casual outfits with your favorite joggers and matching shirt as the base! Elevate your look with jewelry, a jean jacket, and cute sunnies for an effortless look that will not take up much room in your travel bag. Break out your favorite white sneakers to complete the look!

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2. Simple Black Tee Outfit

Weekend casual outfits can be super simple and easy! Pair your favorite black t-shirt with some light-colored jean shorts, white sneakers, and a stylish belt for an effortless look. Don’t forget to grab a cute purse to complete the outfit!

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3. Simple Striped Shirt Outfit

Want to look amazing after a late night but do not feel like putting in a ton of effort? For some effortless weekend casual outfits, try throwing on a bold patterned striped shirt over a pair of shorts and sliding your feet into some white Converses. This look makes you appear put together! Pull your hair back in a messy bun for a no-fuss hairstyle that won’t get in your way.

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4. White Crop Top And Skirt Outfit

You can easily create lightweight and breezy weekend casual outfits with a little creativity! Try wearing a flowy skirt with a white crop top for a look that’s perfect for exploring a new city. If you want your feet to stay happy all day, don’t be afraid to wear your sneakers! It’s totally acceptable and is an amazing look when rocked with confidence.

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5. T-Shirt Dress And Jean Jacket Outfit

Sometimes when it comes to packing, the fewer pieces, the better! Even if you are not the biggest fan of dresses, you have to admit it is much easier to put on one piece of clothing than trying to pick out multiple pieces at once. Keep it comfy with a cute t-shirt dress with a jean jacket tied around your waist in case you get cold! You will love the breathability and lightness of this look.

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6. Comfy Shorts And Ball Cap Outfit

If you don’t feel like doing your hair before breakfast, consider some weekend casual outfits that involve ball caps! Whether you choose to leave your hair down or pull it into a messy bun or ponytail is entirely up to you. Tuck in a comfy t-shirt into some loose fitting shorts for a look that is simple and stylish!

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7. Neutral Tones And Jeans

Stick to neutral-toned linens for your weekend casual outfits to ensure your comfort throughout the day! Tuck in a comfy top into your shorts and pull your hair back in a matching headband for a simple, casual look you won’t want to take off. Don’t forget to accessorize with gold jewelry and sunglasses!

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8. Comfy Sweatshirt And Jeans

Unless your destination is somewhere hot and sunny, you can never go wrong with a comfy sweatshirt, jeans, and sneakers! Keeping it simple and monochromatic is an easy way to look more put-together than you are in reality. If you want to elevate the look, make sure you style your hair and tuck in your sweatshirt for a more define waistline!

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9. Overalls And Comfy Shirt Outfit

When you really are not feeling wearing jeans, try breaking out your overalls for unique weekend casual outfits! Reach for your long-sleeved shirt of choice, and matching sneakers for a cute, comfy look you’ll absolutely love. Cuff them if you want to make them look more flattering!

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10. Turtleneck And Corduroy Aesthetic

If you are heading to somewhere cool, layering is key to staying happy, warm, and comfortable. Choose bright colors to improve your mood and keep your weekend casual outfits cheerful! Don’t be afraid to mix and match light and dark colors to create looks you know you will love.

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See Also

11. Floral Shirts And Jean Shorts Look

If you are ever unsure of what to wear for your weekend in a new location, florals are always the way to go! Not only can you find colors and patterns perfect for every season, but these pieces are also often extremely comfortable and flattering on almost everyone. Pair a cute floral top with jean shorts for a look you’re guaranteed to love and will photograph well for Instagram!

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12. Athleisure Outfit

If you know you will be doing a lot of traveling on foot, you will definitely want to wear exercise clothes instead of jeans or a dress! Choose pieces that look amazing and are cute when paired together to ensure that you still are dressed stylishly. You can never go wrong with dark grey or black leggings and a comfy shirt!

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13. Vintage Tee And Jeans Aesthetic

When in doubt, cuff your jeans and the sleeves of your favorite vintage tee for a look that’s perfect for any casual setting! Be intentional with your accessories and when choosing your shoes to make sure your look is consistent from head to toe. Knot your t-shirt or tuck it in to change things up!

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14. Pop Of Yellow Aesthetic

Bright colors are perfect for every season but are most noticeable in the cooler months. To stand out amongst the crowd, make sure to pack sweaters that are bright and colorful! Your social media pictures from this trip will be amazing and you will feel much happier too.

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15. Grey Jogger Outfit

When in doubt, always opt for comfort first! Whether you are bumming it around the hotel room or are heading out for a coffee run, you can always make a tank and joggers cute and stylish. Throw a cardigan on over your tank top for a more cohesive and intentional look you won’t want to take off!

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Which of these outfits will you try first? Mention your favorite in the comments!

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