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13 Wedding Photo Ideas You Should Try On Your Big Day

Beautiful wedding photos are physical reminders of the most memorable day of your life. You’re going to want pictures that capture every wonderful moment of your wedding day and show the love that you and your spouse have for each other. If you’re stuck on what photos you’ll want to take on your big day, here are some wedding photo ideas that you’ll fall in love with.

1. Your bridal party helping you get ready

Your bridal party helping you get ready on the morning of your wedding is arguably one of the most popular wedding photos you can capture. You’re going to love looking back and cherishing moments like this. Make sure your wedding photographer gets some lovely candid shots of your bridal party getting you ready.

2. Show off those rings

You’re finally married, so get some awesome photos of you and your spouse showing off those wedding bands! If you want to get some fun wedding photos that you can look back on and have a good laugh at, this is an excellent idea for you to try. Cute and posed photos are nice to look at, but it’s also great to get some pictures that show off you and your spouse’s personalities.

3. Photos with the parents

You can’t have great wedding photos without including the parents of the bride and groom! After all, without them, you and your spouse wouldn’t be here to enjoy each other. It’s a beautiful reminder of how two families become one, and you’ll never want to forget that moment.

4. Pop the champagne

Are you looking for another fun photo idea to include in your wedding album? You can capture a picture of you and your spouse opening a bottle of champagne to celebrate your union. It’ll be a lot of fun, and there are many ways you can do this cute wedding photo. When there’s something to commemorate, bring out the champagne!

5. Funny kissing photo

Here are some more photos that you’re going to love looking back on that include all the bridesmaids and groomsmen. It seems like they’ve had enough of your PDA, and they decided to make it into a funny wedding photo. You just have to love the cuteness and creativity of this picture. Imagine going through your photo album and seeing all the romantic photos then, coming across this hilarious wedding photo!

6. Wedding band kiss

This is such a cute and creative idea for a wedding photo. It’s a different way to include your wedding bands without you and your spouse actually wearing them. They make a beautiful frame and will always make you smile when you go back to look at this wedding photo.

7. Jumping on the bed

You’ve just married the love of your life, and you’re giddy with joy. Why not capture that joy in a fun and unique way? This is a cute idea for a wedding photo, and we know you and your spouse will have a fun time creating this moment. Let your inner child come free and jump on the bed with your other half for some cute photos that you guys can look back on.

8. Kiss under the veil

A bride and groom kissing under the veil is another popular wedding photo idea that you’ll want to try because of how cute it will be. This is a romantic picture that you’re going to want to keep and cherish forever. The veil also makes a beautiful background, which will make the wedding photo even lovelier.

9. Officiant blessing the marriage

If you and your spouse are religious, you should ask your wedding photographer to capture the moment when the pastor or officiant is praying for your marriage. It’s such a precious moment that you’re going to love looking back on. It’s also great if you love having a lot of candid wedding photos instead of posed ones.

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10. To have and to hold

It’s common for many newlyweds to take photos making hand hearts to express their love for one another. Something about capturing the groom holding his bride while making a heart with his hands makes this wedding photo even cuter. It shows your closeness and how much you two love each other.

11. Winter wonderland

Kissing in the rain or snow is a classic romantic moment to capture on camera. If you’re planning on having a winter wedding or a winter-themed wedding, you have to get a picture of you and your spouse kissing under the falling snow. It’s also a great wedding photo idea for those who enjoy those cliché romantic photos. No matter how corny it may seem, you’re going to love every moment of it.

12. Admiring your dress

You’ll always want to remember how you felt looking at your beautiful wedding dress before putting it on. Many brides generally take photos of the wedding dress, bouquet, shoes, or other accessories around it. Although it’s a cute idea for a wedding photo, there’s something more meaningful about capturing the bride to be holding her dress and admiring it on the morning of her wedding. This is probably a wedding photo that will make you feel emotional every time you look at it!

13. Cheers to happily ever after

Your bridal party has been there to help you for most of the wedding planning process, and likely even before you got engaged. These girls mean everything to you, so you’ll want to capture precious moments like this to cherish forever. Ask your wedding photographer to get pictures of you and your bridesmaids while making a toast and clinking glasses. It’s such a beautiful wedding photo that shows the closeness of you and your girls. Pictures like this show how grateful you are that they’re here to celebrate this important moment of your life. Cheers to that!

Whether you want to take traditional or non-traditional wedding photos, you’ll enjoy looking back on those beautiful memories that take you back to your wedding day. Which of these wedding photos would you want to try when you get married? Share below!
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