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Wedding Outfits For Men To Look Sharp In

Many wedding outfits for men must walk the line between day and night with style, as most weddings have some sort of transition even if they are not all-day affairs. It is also key to understand what the dress code is because this will determine to what degree you can exercise fashion freedom.

For instance, if you are attending a black-tie affair, you will be limited to wearing a tuxedo, and you should aim to wear dark colors. It is expected that you will wear a bow tie under these circumstances and that you remain *classic* in style. However, you can still show your personality through your formal shoe choice, the color of your shirt, your bow tie, and any lapel pins you add to your look.

If the wedding you are attending requires formal attire, you can wear either a tuxedo or a suit, but you should still aim to keep things classic and sleek with dark colors. Both of these situations are quite limited in terms of style, and you should aim to *modestly* accessorize to make the look your own. Both formal and black tie weddings are rarer these days, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know how to dress for one.

Formal Navy Tuxedo

Navy is quite a dapper choice for a formal affair and can be a refreshing option in wedding outfits for men who don’t love black. Choose a velvet black bowtie to keep the look classic, with just a touch of texture. You could also add a black and white patterned bowtie and cuff links for a black-tie affair, or a very simple and small lapel pin. For a formal event, you could definitely add a stylish lapel pin of your choosing and a patterned pocket square. Feel free to opt for a tie instead!

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Formal Charcoal Gray Tuxedo

There is excellent contrast in this look between the crisp, white shirt that matches the crisp, white pocket square and the charcoal gray suit. A black, velvet bow tie matches a black, velvet collar nicely, just as a black, satin bowtie would match a black, satin collar nicely. This look doesn’t seem to need a stylish lapel pin, but at a formal event you could swap out the bowtie for a sleek tie.

If you tend to opt for more personalized wedding outfits for men, a simple print would add some nice flair to this classic color palette. Try black and white polka dots, simple plaid, dark paisley, or dark, two-tone floral. When choosing a print, remember that darker colors are always more formal.

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Semi-Formal, Three Piece Suit With Color

Semi-formal occasions still require you to look sharp, but pulling out a subtle print, a nice, subdued color, and some classy bling helps to create the ideal wedding outfits for men. This being a three-piece suit, there is a definite formality to it, however, you can also remove the jacket during the reception to be more comfortable while still looking fresh. The striped bow tie is classy and picks up on the warm tones of the suit, while the gold lapel pin matches the metallic shine of the buttons, the watch, the belt buckle, and the ring in this look.

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Semi-Formal Black On Black

With a less exciting and colorful tie, this look could easily be worn to a formal event, but because there is so much energy in the tie, this is a look best worn for semi-formal or cocktail attire dress codes. Additionally, if you have long hair, it is generally considered less formal to wear it down and loose. Black on black wedding outfits for men make great choices for anybody because black is such a flattering and formal color.

It’s important to note that the base color of this tie is black and that the accents are colorful. Although it is also stylish to choose this combo in reverse (a colorful background with black flowers), it’s best to choose a tie with a lot of black in it when wearing black on black. I’m not saying it’s essential, but it really does add something extra.

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Semi-Formal, Polished Separates And Personality Socks

It is perfectly acceptable to wear separates to an occasion requiring semi-formal or cocktail attire, but a suit jacket is definitely still the right choice. The classic black and white pants, bowtie, and shirt provide an excellent base for a bit of personality to be added to this look. For instance, instead of classic black shoes, this look opts for tan. Although black shoes would make this look more formal, there is a nice style factor with the addition of the tan.

Choosing a black and white, patterned sock keeps with the classic color scheme, while still giving you that opportunity to flaunt your ankles. Being the only print in the outfit, your eye goes directly to the socks, which is a fun and unique addition to any wedding outfits for men.

Lastly, a burgundy suit jacket is subtle and classy, but a navy or emerald green jacket would be just as sharp. You could choose any color of jacket you want here, and you could even match it to your socks. For instance, you could wear a deep purple jacket and a patterned sock with subtle purple accents. The world is your oyster, friend.

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Casual, Dapper Vest

A casual wedding is the perfect time to get really creative with your look. Casual wedding outfits for men have to most freedom, but that still doesn’t mean jeans and a t-shirt. Wear clean, black chinos and a button-down in a more relaxed fabric is perfect, and a vest adds just the right amount of formal to this otherwise everyday, hipster outfit. Rolling up your sleeves for fashion or for comfort is acceptable, and adding fun prints is encouraged. A pocket square, socks, or the fabric on the back of your vest are perfect opportunities to go a little wild. Feel free to accessorize however you wish!

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Casual, Sleek Suspenders

Although you can of course wear suspenders under a suit jacket, there is a general feeling of undress when you wear suspenders over your shirt, and thus this look is really most appropriate at a casual wedding. Suspenders are another sort of ‘hipster’ accessory, especially when you roll up your sleeves to reveal your tattoos, but they can add a little more interest to wedding outfits for men of any style inclination.

You can add personality socks to this look, choose colorful suspenders and make that your only accent, coordinate your bowtie, or choose some fun footwear. Enjoy experimenting with your casual attire!

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Which of these wedding outfits for men will you be choosing this wedding season? Let us know how you choose to personalize your look!

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