Wedding Invitation Wording You’ll Fall In Love With

Wedding invitation wording is one of the biggest decisions that you’ll make when it comes to your wedding. Your invitation is one of the first things that your guests see when it comes to your wedding, so choosing the right phrases is crucial.

At the same time, you want to make sure that it suits you and your fiancee the right way. You want to make sure that your personalities are represented and that it’s something your friends and family expect out of you. 

Although, if you are a bit different from your family, you may surprise them. Your wedding needs to be about you and the life you live and enjoy. You can’t let your family make the choices for you. So let’s take a look and see what your options are. Let’s make that invitation yours.

If you’re naturally a fun couple, and you go all out formal, black tie, fancy, your family may not enjoy themselves. The same goes if you are from a family that is generally very fancy and tends to attend black-tie affairs. Having a wedding that runs a little more on the fun or chaotic side can mean they may not enjoy themselves.

HOWEVER! This is your wedding. You have to go with what YOU are going to enjoy. If your friends and family cannot rally around you and enjoy the day because it’s not what they would normally do, that’s ok. This is your day and you and your fiancee are the only ones who matter. It’s your day!

Several different aspects need to be included in your invitation. Forgetting one can lead to confusion and things can seem unorganized. Let’s look at the pieces of an invitation and just some of the choices you’ll fall in love with.

Elements to Share In Your Invitation

  • Host Name – is the couple hosting? The bride’s parents? Grooms? Both? Depending on who is hosting, it will lead to the direction part of your invitation goes.
  • Couple Name – make sure you and your fiancee are loud and proud of the fact that this is YOUR wedding!
  • Details – time, location, dress code if there is one, information about the reception and if there are any breaks scheduled.
  • Post-Ceremony Plans – Where are you going afterward? Is there going to be food served? Dancing or drinks? Make sure you include all of this so your guests know how to plan and what to expect for the evening.

The design elements are the fun part and where wedding invitation wording really comes in. Here is where you really get to put your personalities into play. Your wedding colors and style are also represented here. The level of formality is started as well.

First impressions make a difference. So make sure your invitation flows and looks like you.

Design Elements

  • Monogram + symbol
  • Borders + patterns
  • Engagement photos
  • Sweet phrases
    • Getting hitched
    • All we need is love
    • We decided on forever
    • Forever and Always
    • At Last

There are many different combinations and options when it comes to the wording in your invitation. You can be completely formal, you can be all on the fun side, or you can make a combination of the two. Do what fits the two of you. Make it yours. Own that invitation!

Let’s take a peek and see if any of them are phrases that make YOU fall instantly in love with them. Mix and mash them. Make them your own.

Formal Greetings And Phrases

We invite you to share in our joy and request your presence at the wedding of _____

_____ request the pleasure of your company at their wedding

Informal Greetings And Phrases

You are invited to celebrate the marriage of _____

_____ will say “I do”

Formal Post Ceremony Wording

Followed by an evening of celebration

Reception to follow

Informal Post Ceremony Wording

Merriment to follow

Followed by dinner and dancing

Different Location Reception Wording

Reception immediately following at _____

Reception to follow at the residence of _____

Here’s where you would consider who is hosting the wedding. Whether it’s the bride’s parents, the couple, the groom’s parents, or if everyone is working together to host the wedding. Included are two examples, one formal, and one casual, using the bride’s parents as the hosts.

Formal Wedding Invitation Wording Example

Bride’s Parents Hosting

Mr. & Mrs. Jon Flores
request the honor of your presence
at the marriage of their daughter

Talia Camila Flores
Stephen Anthony Byrne

Saturday, the tenth of June
two thousand and seventeen
at twelve o’clock in the afternoon

See Also

Arctic Club Hotel
700 Third Avenue
Seattle, Washington

Reception to follow

Wedding Invitation Wording You’ll Fall In Love With

Casual Wedding Invitation Wording Samples

Bride’s Parents Hosting

Mr. & Mrs. Flores
would love your company
at the marriage of their daughter

Talia Flores
Stephen Byrne

June 10, 2017
12:00 pm

Arctic Club Hotel
700 Third Avenue
Seattle, Washington

Dinner and dancing to follow

Wedding Invitation Wording You’ll Fall In Love With

The following invitation is the perfect mix of formal and informal. It is fun but has some very formal wording. The couple is super cute and reminds me of a photo that would have been taken when the couple first started dating and everything is still fun and sweet. It’s cute, simple and super sweet! Wedding Invitation Wording You’ll Fall In Love With

Wedding invitations are a big deal. What colors are you going to use? Are they going to match your ceremony colors? Are you going to be formal? Or slightly more casual? Do you throw in a mix of both? Who is hosting the wedding? 

This is your first chance to impress your guests. It’s your first chance to throw out the ‘wow!’ factor! So take into consideration all of your options. Think hard about what you want to represent to your guests. Once this part of the process is done, you are officially set with a time and place for your friends and family to help you and your fiancee celebrate becoming one!

What did your wedding invitation look like? Did you use general phrases and wording, or did you create your own mix? Show us in the comments!

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