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10 Wedding Invitation Ideas That Will Make All Your Guests Want To Come

10 Wedding Invitation Ideas That Will Make All Your Guests Want To Come

10 Wedding Invitation Ideas That Will Make All Your Guests Want To Come

It seems every year, wedding ideas are becoming more extravagant and creative. This includes wedding invitation ideas that people come up with. The wedding invitation is the big announcement of the celebratory day that you and your significant other become one! So, of course, this is an important part of your wedding. If you find yourself stumped on wedding invitation ideas, here are 10 that will make all your guest want to come.

1. Acrylic

What expresses the ‘future’ more than a see-through invitation? This is a wedding invitation ideas that has become very popular and only grows. Surprise your guest with a see-through invitation when they open their mail. With an announcement like that it will be no surprise that they check yes on the R.S.V.P.

2. Calendar

A really cute example of wedding invitation ideas is to design your invitation as a calendar. Not only that but checking off the date by embedding a heart around it. Let your guest know right away that this is a wedding invitation and this is your special day. The adorableness of this invitation will bring an immediate response of “yes we are attending!”.


3. Comedy

Who wouldn’t want to open their mail and have a good laugh? If you use the wedding invitation ideas that involve cracking a joke, your guests will absolutely love it. Who says it needs to be so serious? People will love to attend a wedding where they know they will have a good time.

4. Destination

Now, this wedding invitation ideas if for a specific kind of wedding. One where you are traveling someone probably out of the country or even in if you prefer. Making your invitation into the shape of a passport is just too cute of an idea, it’ll have your guest screaming with excitement. They’ll be rushing out to get their passports updated to join you on your special day before you know it!

5. Fold Out

Who says an invitation needs to be a standard rectangle? It’s exciting to use the wedding invitation ideas where your card extends out into a longer version! Definitely different than your average wedding invite.


6. Luxury

Using the wedding invitation ideas of elegance, it’s okay to get a little extravagant with your card. It’s your special day after all! Incorporating luxury designs and tying a giant silky bow around it shows everyone that you are going to have the fanciest wedding of the year!

7. Classic Wax Seal

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Classic wax seals were popular many years ago and it’s time to bring it back. A fancy sealed envelope is a classic wedding invitation ideas that are sure to drive your guest bursting with excitement.

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8. Package Deal

Sending your wedding invitation in a nice package all wrapped up is a fancy way to send out the invite for your big day. It’s like a nice little “Welcome” package that makes your guest feel important to come to your big day. Inside will contain the invitation itself, along with a picture of you and your significant other followed by your R.S.V.P. and ta-da! A specialized invite that’ll make your guests check yes immediately. 

9. See Through Envelope

Cutting out a custom design in the envelope itself is such a unique, gorgeous wedding invitation ideas. Your guests are going to swoon over your envelope and go out shopping for their outfit right away once they see that cute design.

10. Wax Seal With Flower Embedded

Bringing back the wax seal idea but with a flower intertwined in the seal is a creative, different idea. Your guests are going to find it so adorable when it arrives in their mailbox.  


Which of the wedding invitation ideas is your favorite?  Let us know in the comments below.

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