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10 Wedding Gifts That All Couples Will Love

When it comes to wedding presents, most couples nowadays have a handy registry that lets their guests know exactly what they want. If the duo doesn’t have a registry or it is filled with bland items, you can always go off list! While it can be tricky to get something they will definitely love, all you have to do is make sure your gift aligns with the couple’s personality and worst case, you can go sentimental! From classic gifts to custom pieces they will treasure forever, you can be sure that these are gifts all couples will love! 

1. Memory Map

Memory maps have gotten quite popular in the past few years. The maps feature the night sky at the place and date of your choosing. Get the couple a map that showcases the night they met or the night sky when they finally said “I Do!” There are many options for customization with these including size, background, description and framing. I love giant framed versions so the couple can hang it in their home but smaller versions that depict significant dates in their lives are a great keepsake as well. 

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2. Custom Cutting Board

If you want to give the couple a useful gift that is an amped-up version of a kitchen staple, look into getting a custom cutting board for the newlyweds! This gift is great for couples who spend a lot of time in the kitchen or love a good charcuterie board! Keep it simple with a beautifully done board or add some other custom wooden kitchen tools.  

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3. Glasses

Everyone should have a nice set of drinking glasses and married couples are no different. Get them a set of glasses they will love showing off and get them with their new last name initial on them. The couple will love serving wine or champagne out of the glasses with their guests for years to come! 

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4. Sheet Set

Bedding is a common request on a wedding registry and with the couple finally starting their lives together, they deserve a nice set! Sheets seem like a simple gift but you can’t underestimate a nice set! Look for sheets with high thread counts for the ultimate softness and also look into durability so the couple will enjoy them for years to come.  

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5. Couple Portrait

This is another custom/handmade option that has also grown in popularity! Get the happy couple a custom couple portrait that they will want to display for all to see! There are so many options that you can find with a quick search but find a style of artist you enjoy and make sure to include their names or date of the wedding for an extra sweet touch. 

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6. Serving Bowls

Hands-down, our serving bowls were one of my favorite gifts. Having a big salad bowl and serving dishes came in handy more than once. Serving dishes are something you don’t think you need until you are cooking a big meal and have no way of serving it. The couple will definitely appreciate a nice set to use every night for dinner and to pull out when they have guests! 

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7. Keepsakes

You really can’t go wrong playing to the sentimentality side of a couple. Finding items that they will treasure for a lifetime is now easier than you’d think thanks to websites like Etsy, where there are endless shops that sell custom and personalized items. My parents received a clock for their wedding and it is one of the few presents they have after 25 years of marriage. My grandparents have a quilt gifted to them decades ago at their wedding and my husband and I love the custom print that was designed with our last name, wedding date and framed. Think of practical gifts that you can add a touch of romance to, and the couple will want to display it, and use it for years to come. 

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8. Subscription

If the newlyweds love trying new things, why not gift them a subscription box? Monthly boxes have gained popularity in recent years and now, there are subscriptions for everything from wine, to books to date nights so you can be sure to find one that fits the couple. If you don’t already have an idea of what kind of subscription you want to gift, check out Cratejoy, which offers a platform for vendors to sell their subscriptions. You can easily find a variety of boxes that you’ll love to gift the couple. 

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9. Pots & Pans

So this idea may seem a little simple but if the couple loves to cook, a good set of pots and pans is not only a fantastic gift, but crucial for them to cook great meals! Check out their registry to see if they have a look they are going for regarding their kitchen or if they have a set on their registry, go for it! Pots and pans are a kind of purchase that you don’t think to buy for yourself, but they make a great present for a couple to use to start their new life together! So treat them to a set that they can cook their way through life together! 

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10. Money, Money Money

Finally, if you truly can’t choose a gift, just remember that weddings are expensive and you can’t go wrong with plain ‘ole money! If you don’t want to just slip the dollars into a card, check out how to make cute origami (see below!) for an adorable surprise. Or, if the couple is planning on a honeymoon, dedicate the money towards a honeymoon toast, snorkeling or dinner on a night out. Writing in the card what you’d envision them using it for shows that you took time to think of them and it personalizes the cash. If you don’t want to use cash, gift cards are a great alternative. Give them gift card to Starbucks for a coffee date, AirBnb for a trip together or to their favorite restaurant so they can have a calm dinner after all the wedding rush. They’ll appreciate this gift no matter what! 

Are you married? What was your favorite gift? Or are you attending a wedding soon? Let us know in the comments below!

Emily Bell

Emily Bell is a graduate of Central Michigan University with a degree in Journalism with a Public Relations concentration. She currently lives with her husband and dog on the coast in Florida.

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