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10 Wedding Dresses For Your Pinterest

10 Wedding Dresses For Your Pinterest

Is it just us or is everyone getting married these days? If we’re not on facebook seeing engagement photoshoots, we’re seeing movie style wedding trailers on instagram. All of this wedding talk has got us thinking; “What dress would we wear for our own wedding?”. now, we are in no way ready to take such a huge step nor do we even have a possible suitor but we can dream right?! For now, weddings are just about wearing something extra and it being all about us. We know how stressful wedding planning can be and we want no part of that. But what we do want to fantasize about is 10 wedding dresses for our Pinterest. 

1. Technically Not a Dress at All

We love one pieces…a lot. When we die, bury us in one. Since we love them so much why not get married in one? This wedding ‘dress’ is a custom from designer Luar. We love the different levels to the outfit. With one leg short and one leg long to the tulle across the shoulder, this dress is definitely something that belongs on your Pinterest. We get if you don’t like the whole outfit but this outfit is good for pulling just one or two ideas from.

10 Wedding Dresses For Your Pinterest

2. A Modern Cinderella

The traditional color for brides in the US is white. We think tradition is so boring. We like the idea of white but not the idea of being confine to it. We love the light blue almost white flowy dress from Prada on Lupita. This was worn on the red carpet and not at a wedding but we love it as a wedding dress just the same.

10 Wedding Dresses For Your Pinterest

3. Fairytale Feathers

We’re pretty sure this dress has been on everyone’s Pinterest or mood board at one point. The reason for that is that it’s just gorgeous, it’s absolute perfection, and it’s pink. We’ve already talked about how we feel about white wedding dresses but allow us to divulge a little further. This dress is perfect for a wedding because it’s a pale peach color which won’t be such a drastic difference from white. The high in the front, low in the back skirt portion is to die for. The ruffles have feathers peering out that make this dress almost as alive as the wearer. the corset style top is something out of a fairy tale. It’s a good thing they photographed this dress in front of the Eiffel tower because there’s no where else romantic enough for this dress. 10 Wedding Dresses For Your Pinterest

4. More is More

If you’re not getting the picture yet, we love volume! This next dress takes it to another level! It’s made by our all-time favorite designer, Alexander McQueen. The bride looks like the most adorable cupcake, in perfectly layered fabric. Keep a dress like this in mind if you’re thinking of keeping the same dress for both the ceremony and the reception. Poofy dresses are easy to move in so you can definitely dance! And just between us, long dresses hide the fact that you’re wearing flats when your feet start to hurt.

10 Wedding Dresses For Your Pinterest

5. Long & Effortless

We love how this next dress looks stunning yet easy to wear. It’s a relatively simple design with a plunging chest and a cinched waist. The train is one of the best and more elaborate parts of it. But what really made us want to be in this dress is the fabric. This picture shows how the fabric shines in the light, almost as if the bride’s body is dripping with glitter. Need we say more?

10 Wedding Dresses For Your Pinterest 

6. Hate to See you Leave, Love to Watch you Go

A lot of people get caught up on the front of the dress. The cut of the neck, the slit in the side, the waist, the beading and so on. It’s easy to get so caught up in the front of dress and forget that the back needs to be just as stunning as the flip side! On a really special day like your wedding, you should look good from all the angles. Don’t let your photographer catch you slippin! Here’s some simple back inso for those who want the back of the dress to become one with them. P.S. The trick to making the dress look tattooed on is to get a good matching lace!

10 Wedding Dresses For Your Pinterest

7. Two for One

On the same note as the dress above, the back of your dress is important. But if you’re into making more of a statement than delicate lace, think about getting a dress with built in jewelry! The dress below incorporates a 1920s style beading that drops low. The layered beads look like body jewelry and are a nice surprise when you turn around. For those of you who aren’t sure about what jewelry they want to wear on their wedding, try wearing it on your dress. It’s 2019 and anything is possible.

10 Wedding Dresses For Your Pinterest

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8. A Shade Darker

We’re totally not opposed to wearing black on our wedding day. Why not? Let everyone else wear white. Who cares? We think it’s daring to wear a black wedding dress. We love the idea and think more brides should think about it but with a few tips. Sometimes, black can look boring. Brides can get away with a simple white dress because white is expected. But if the bride wears black we definitely want her to stand out in the crowd. There’s no way she should be mistaken for a guest. Therefore, if you decide to choose a black dress make sure that it is over the top stunning like the one below. It needs to go above and beyond to ensure that everyone knows it’s your day!

10 Wedding Dresses For Your Pinterest

9. A little off the bottom

Wedding dresses have a tendency to be long and flowing gowns but this isn’t always the case. Some brides prefer their dress to be shorter. Of course we had to show a shorter dress option on this list! Our legs are our best asset and you wanna show off yours too, think about getting a short dress like the one below.

10 Wedding Dresses For Your Pinterest

10. A Brand New Suit

Some of us want to wear pants, ok?! So we will. And we’ll look dang good doing it. The wedding suit below is a really good option for brides that are open to the idea or prefer wearing pants. It’s a white dress suit but it’s a little more elevated because of the drop in the front. It’s simple and chic. 

10 Wedding Dresses For Your Pinterest

Are you in the midst of planning a wedding? Right now, we’re committed only to the chocolate cake in the fridge. Let us know if you’d wear any of these dresses or outfits on your wedding day! 

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