10 Wedding Decor Ideas For A Perfect Spring Wedding

Spring is a gorgeous time of year for wedding decor. There are countless articles on spring wedding ideas and beautiful pictures of those ideas being put together. This article will focus on outdoor wedding decor. If you want to appreciate the beauty of freshly blooming nature on your wedding day, this is the article for you!

1. White trellis wrapped in sunflowers and daisies

Imagine: The man you love is standing underneath a white arch that is overgrown with flowers and vines. You walk towards him with a coordinating bouquet in your hand. Birds are chirping, nature is stirring, and your heart is alive with a lifetime of love and commitment in front of you. Getting married underneath such a beautiful display of nature is the perfect choice for a spring/summer wedding.

10 Wedding Decor Ideas For A Perfect Spring Wedding

2. A fountain with roses floating on the surface

If you are lucky enough to grab a venue with a fountain take the opportunity and use it as a decoration! Have rose buds floating on the surface and vines wrapped around it to make it look consumed in nature.

3. Mason jars hanging from trees with peonies inside

Wedding decor doesn’t have to be expensive! Order mason jars in bulk and use them as decoration. Put peonies in a clear mason jar with the stems cut so so that on the bud comes out of the jar. Use a sturdy and thin rope to tie them to each tree branch surrounding your ceremony or reception. If you’re going for a forest fairy vibe, this is the way to go.

4. Pictures of each guest with the happy couple

I’ve seen this done right and its a sweet way to involve all your guests into the event who are not actually in the wedding. A single picture of you and your guest will make them feel a part of your happy ending. Place the picture on their seat at their table at the reception instead of having name cards indicating their seat.

5. Glass bowl centerpiece at the Bride & Groom table

Complete your nature-themed wedding with a centerpiece on the banquet table that reflects the quiet beauty of nature. Fill the glass with water and have lily pad flowers floating in it. If you want to go even further with this idea, make it a fishbowl and have little fish swimming under the lilies as if it was a real pond.

10 Wedding Decor Ideas For A Perfect Spring Wedding

6. Bird nests centerpieces at reception tables

What do you think of first when spring comes to mind? For me, it’s birds chirping and animals coming out of hiding after a long winter. You can have bird nests made from wicker and place them on a bed of flowers. Have marshmallow peeps in the nests if you have kids at your wedding because they’ll have something sweet to eat while they’re waiting for dinner.

7. Ribbons tied around wicker chairs

When I go to a wedding and see this design I think it adds a nice touch to otherwise boring but essential chairs. Wicker chairs are better than the traditional white ones for a spring or summer wedding because it fits better with an outdoor setting.

10 Wedding Decor Ideas For A Perfect Spring Wedding

8. Two gift tables: one for the couple, and one for the guests

Wedding gifts are a tradition that people of all different religions follow. Setting up two tables, one with take-home gifts for the guests and one for you is another interactive wedding decor idea that will make your day memorable for your guests.

Sunglasses with your names and the date of your wedding is a cute idea especially if your wedding is outdoors because some guests may not have brought theirs. If your wedding is at the beginning of spring you could also put out ivory umbrellas with your names printed on them in case there are April showers on your big day.

10 Wedding Decor Ideas For A Perfect Spring Wedding

9. Matching flower crowns for each of your bridesmaids

Each bridesmaid can remember your spring wedding long after your wedding day has passed with take-home flower crowns that coordinate with the wedding colors. You can place them on their seats at their reception table as a sweet surprise for them.

10. Vines wrapped around the chairs for the ceremony

This idea is following the consumed by nature wedding decor theme. If you decide to go with the white wedding trellis idea that I stated above, continuing the vines into the rest of the venue is a great way to make your wedding look like a fairytale.

Which Spring wedding decor idea do you like best? Let us know in the comments below!

Featured image: https://www.instagram.com/p/BIkr1PXhjFQ/
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