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10 Wedding Ceremony Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

10 Wedding Ceremony Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

10 Wedding Ceremony Ideas You'll Fall In Love With

One of the most exciting things in life is planning the wedding ceremony of your dreams. You and your partner can spend hours going through all kinds of wedding ceremony ideas. Well, I am here to help you with some of my own ideas that hopefully you haven’t thought of yet.

#1 Jumping the Broom

Most people do not typically think of the classical wedding ceremony tradition because it’s a very old one. But, why not bring back an old tradition at your wedding? It is the perfect wedding ceremony idea for the most traditional of weddings.

10 Wedding Ceremony Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

#2 Backyard Wonderlands

I always loved the idea of an outdoor wedding. It is very chic, refreshing, and inexpensive (depending on how you do it up) to have your wedding ceremony so close to home. It makes the day so personal and homey.

#3 Not Just Any Kind of Church

I am not sure if you can do this, but try a different church, rather than your family church, that you can see yourself getting married in. Whether if you both find it beautiful on the outside and it reminds of you of old England, or if you love the décor on the inside and makes you feel as if you’re getting married in medieval times. Whatever the case may be, choose a church that appeals best to you and marries your soulmate. It will make an interesting story.

10 Wedding Ceremony Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

#4 Museum Wedding

Maybe you want to have your wedding ceremony in a place where you are surrounded by timeless and ancient history? It is not a bad idea. Of course, you’re going to have to get clearance on doing this because you are surrounded by precious artifacts. No matter what hoops you must jump through to have this wedding ceremony come into fruition just remember, it will be one extraordinary wedding. How many people you know get married in a museum? I’ll wait.

10 Wedding Ceremony Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

#5 Enchanted Libraries

Books have the tendency to transport you to different worlds with your body physically leaving the ground. If you are a lover of books, this is the perfect wedding ceremony idea for you. The different shade of the book colors has already given your wedding the color it needs to make it pop. You can add your choice of flowers to compliment the setting, nevertheless, I think white or rose pink is best.

#6 Garden

Besides libraries giving off enchanted vibes, planning your wedding ceremony in a garden is more than a delight. Picture a wide open space of dark green grass outlined with bushes of white roses and lilacs. A large stone fountain off to the center of the garden lay with quartz flooring all around it. There are many plants and flowers surrounding the scenery of the garden as the sun’s rays hit the magic of the trees just right as if they were glowing. Sounds beautiful right? I told you having a wedding ceremony in a garden would be a good idea.

10 Wedding Ceremony Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

#7 The Beach in All Her Glory

The beauty of having your wedding ceremony on the sand of a beach will be breathtaking. The cool breeze from the water blowing through your hair, the glorious sight of the clear blue sky above the water is an unforgettable scene. A beach wedding would require less time to decorate and coordinate. Make it happen.

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#8 Travels Over The Sea

Who wouldn’t love to have their wedding ceremony in a country you always wanted to visit? Let it be the rural lands of Switzerland or the eye gazing islands of the Carribean. Either way, it will be magical. Have a small wedding party accompany both of your adventurous weddings. Maybe, you can have the wedding reception at a restaurant that seems good or a crowded pub. Be exciting and spontaneous.

10 Wedding Ceremony Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

#9 “IM ON A BOAT!”

Very classy and cunning to have your wedding ceremony on a boat. Gliding across the waters hearing nothing but the waves swoosh against your chariot whilst you gaze into your lover’s eyes. I see it now, how romantic.

#10 A Treehouse Ceremony

It may seem silly at first, but it will bring you back to your childhood when you daydreamed about getting married one day. All your family and friends can watch from below as the two of you get married in a treetop treehouse.

10 Wedding Ceremony Ideas You’ll Fall In Love With

Your wedding day is supposed to be a day to remember. Making it as meaningful as you can by taking your time with the setting, can turn your entire wedding into the wedding of your dreams. What are your ideas for a glorious wedding ceremony? Comment down below and tell me some of your ideas.

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