8 Websites With Textbook Solutions For The Stumped College Student

One thing that’s a given in any college or uni is spending money on textbooks. As hard as you try to avoid picking up that 780-word textbook, its more than likely that you realize you actually need it to succeed in any program. So when you’re desperately trying to figure out how to study for a midterm, you cave and drag your unwilling to admit fault self, all the way to the bookstore and pick up the latest version on whatever textbook you’re in need of. The unfortunate part is having waited so long to pick it up that you realize you could have saved yourself a few dollars (or a lot of dollars) if you pre bought it online somewhere before the semester started. Not to worry though, we all make mistakes but lucky for you, here’s a list of textbook solutions for the next time you’re feeling like a stumped college student.

1. Chegg

As a self-proclaimed hub of student resources, Chegg is the perfect website to check out if you are a student who prefers renting rather than purchasing, plus they honour a 21-day satisfaction guarantee, so basically if you decide you hate the class and drop it, are not happy with the textbook or for whatever circumstance that you wouldn’t need the book in those 21 days, you can ship it back for a full refund. The great part about Chegg is that if you have previously owned textbooks laying around, Chegg will buy them off of you to rent to other students in need, not a bad way to make a little extra money if you ask me! If that isn’t enough, Chegg also does a great job at making textbook purchasing exciting by sending gifts, like 5-hour energy or free month Hulu memberships with purchases!

8 Websites With Textbook Solutions For The Stumped College Student

2. Campus Book Rentals

Not only has the Campus Book Rental website help students save over a million dollars in textbooks fees, but it’s a brilliant site to check out for those students who are new to the rental game. The cool part about Campus Book Rentals is that they want each student who rents a book to treat it as their own and learn from it so if jotting notes or highlighting is your thing, then here’s the site you have to check out!

3. Amazon

We all know Amazon is a genius site to find literally anything you could ever imagine and now with Amazon prime, you can get your brand new back massager delivered in no time but have you ever considered ordering textbooks on Amazon? I didn’t either until a bunch of my classmates were getting their books for great deals. Along with purchasing, you can rent, sell or download e-books on Amazon and if students have a university email address, you might just be eligible for a six-month free Amazon Prime subscription. Bonus, right?

8 Websites With Textbook Solutions For The Stumped College Student

4. Textbooks.com

A literal one-stop shop for textbooks, what you see is what you get. Textbook, textbooks and more textbooks. Students have the opportunity to buy, sell and rent textbooks with prices up to 90 percent off the original price. Textbooks.com is a website that will help you get the buying process over with ASAP and into studying even quicker.

5. Better World Books

For my eco-friendly students out there, you will love Better World Books. The environmentally friendly company saves books from landfills and helps fund literacy projects in around the world. Not to mention, their books prices are a steal and for every book purchased from their website, they will donate a book to someone in need.

6. AllBookStores

This is actually a really brilliant website for more than just textbooks. AllBookStores in an online search engine where you can search for any book from a list of online bookstores. It may not be the most beautiful website but the price comparing option definitely makes up for it when each book price is lined up for you to choose from!

8 Websites With Textbook Solutions For The Stumped College Student

7. ValoreBooks

This site  is brilliant for textbook solutions, they offer pretty great prices on textbooks for purchase or rental, as well as the option to sell your books when you no longer want them. It’s easy to use and will have a list of rental or purchase suggestions almost instantaneously after your search. With the ability to view alternative addition prices, ValoreBooks is a great site to get great prices!

8. SellBackYourBook

This site is strictly for when you are all done with your beloved textbooks. They’ve gotten you so far and taught you so much, but now as all good things must come to an end, it’s time to say goodbye and what better way to do that then logging onto SellBackYourBook and making a little extra money to get you through the rest of your campus career.

Let us know which website you will be checking out to help you get through those stumped college moments!

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