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15 Websites To Help You Succeed At UF

15 Websites To Help You Succeed At UF


It’s great to be a Florida Gator, but with this honor comes great responsibility. UF didn’t become the number one university in Florida for no reason, the classes, organizations, and events can get pretty hard to navigate. Therefore, I decided to put together a list of websites to help you succeed and to get through your collegiate experience at UF!

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1. Pixlr 

Perfect for quick photo editing for anyone. It’s like a free online version of Photoshop which makes it ideal for a quick assignment.


2. Online-Convert

You’re going to do a lot of file sharing, and with all the technology and programs available it’s hard to have files available to all, in particular with the pesky Mac and PC difference. Use this website to convert documents and media to a program file you can use.

3. Text Summary 

When you have a huge test to study for, but limited time this is a great choice. This website breaks down the text and summarizes for you, so you don’t get stuck reading the extraneous material.

4. Paper Rater 

Depending on the type of person you are when a professor tells you your final grade will be determined by the end of semester paper you’re either calm or terrified. Paperrater allows you to get a score of your paper before you submit. The website not only gives you a grade, but it also provides a vocabulary score with new word options and checks for grammar.


5. Grammarly 

If you’re writing something short or want a more in-depth review of your written work then you Grammarly. It will find all the errors for you for free, but to have the system correct the mistakes you have to pay for a premium account.

 6. Symbolab 

Everybody struggles with math especially once it starts getting more abstract with letters and not actually having answers. To help you figure out those complicated equations use Symbolab to get the answer and step by step instructions on how to understand the problem.

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7. Math Way

Similar to Symbolab, Mathway is another place you can go to get the answer to different math problems. What makes Mathway great is you can also get detailed answers to chemistry problems which are known for being the most challenging courses at UF.

8. Duo Lingo

Some majors require you take language classes to get your degree. If you’re struggling to grasp the new language try using duolingo and their flash cards and daily lessons to help memorize the material.

9. Dapulse 

You may have never heard of this website, but once you visit you’ll reason it’s the site you never knew you needed. Dapulse creates the perfect hub for group collaboration by allowing you to place tasks for every person and have each member communicate and check what they’ve completed.


10. Evernote 

Another great website to use for organization. This site allows you to take notes, make a list and create reminders for you to complete tasks. It’s like an easier and more portable version of OneNote.

11. Slack

If you haven’t heard of slack yet, then you need to tell what ever group or organization you’re apart of to get on it.  This website and app allows you to organize different chats with your group based on separate categories.

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12. Remote

College, especially UF isn’t all about the classes. You also have to find work to balance and place on your resume to set you apart. This website provides you with remote job positions, so you don’t have to wait till summer time or take a semester off to find work.

13. Internships 

What makes a resume great isn’t always a paying job, sometimes it’s the nonpaid internships that have just as much influence. Internships lets you see what is available in the Gainesville area or any place in the world for opportunities.


14. Countdown 

The most efficient way to do work and study with so much to do is to use a timer. This website gives you a timer online in case your phone isn’t available, or you turned it off, so it isn’t a distraction.

15. Quizlet 

Everyone has used Quizlet to make flashcards or let’s be honest, find the answers to homework that some people so nicely place online. Many people forget to take advantage of all the study options available on the site it puts your flash cards in different games to help you have more fun studying.
Bonus Sites:


Some of us struggle with keeping up with a physical planner. You can forget to write in it, check it, or bring it with you. Schooltraq gives users an online planner that can even organize the importance of items.



Now that you’re in college you’re going to switch from MLA citation to APA. If you can’t remember the format to do it manually, this is websites allows to cite websites, books, and online journals in APA, MLA and Chicago Style.

Do you know any other websites to help you succeed at UF? Let us know down below!
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