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7 Websites Every College Student Should Know

7 Websites Every College Student Should Know

Going to college means living on your own and having to be accountable for your own academics. To help you out, we’ve picked seven websites you definitely need to know about as a college student.

1. Daily Dress Me

I didn’t realize before going to college how much I relied on my mom to know what to wear to be comfortable. Before leaving for school, I’d always ask my mom if I should bring a sweater or if she thought I’d be too warm in jeans. You’ll get the hang of it, but this website will definitely help!

You tell it your city or zip code and it’ll design an outfit for you based on the weather. Sometimes it can be easier to figure out what to wear when you see what someone else is wearing for what the temperature is.

7 Websites Every College Student Should Know

2. Amazon Prime

Seems like a pretty obvious recommendation, but it’s so helpful it’s definitely worth a mention. To start with, this is a great place to order your textbooks from so they’ll be cheaper than if you bought them from your college bookstore. Beyond that, however, even when you’re living in the dorms, you’ll find there are frequently really obscure things that you need.

Mice traps (preferably the humane kind), a cheap shirt for that themed party, private things you might not feel comfortable buying in public like condoms or Monistat. Amazon Prime (free second-day shipping with unlimited streaming on Prime eligible TV shows and movies).

7 Websites Every College Student Should Know

3. Quizlet

Unfortunately, we can’t leave Quizlet behind in high school. Making flashcards the old fashioned way is tedious, and using Quizlet means you can have them with you no matter where you go if you use the app. Plus, it’s likely someone’s already made a set of flashcards for the class you’re taking!

This is one of the study websites that got me through high school and has proven absolutely indispensable in college. This is an especially great tool if you’re taking a class that requires a lot of memorization of dates or terms.

7 Websites Every College Student Should Know

4. GrubHub

Sometimes the last thing you want to do on a Friday night is drag yourself to the dining hall and eat the same food you’ve been eating all week. If you’re looking to change it up, see if GrubHub delivers to your area. You can order any local restaurants that deliver through the app- meaning you can get a real entree without having to leave your campus or your apartment. Or you can order pizza- no judgment.

7 Websites Every College Student Should Know

5. Evernote

Evernote is a website and app you can use to take and organize your notes. You can make checklists, tables, insert photos, and more. Your notes will be accessible from any computer with an internet connection and you can put the app on your phone and access your notes on the go.

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For classes with a lot of charts or reference images,  it can be great to have a way to put the images into your notes without issue. The ability to access your notes on any computer? Huge plus.7 Websites Every College Student Should Know

6. KeepMeOut!

Find yourself visiting the same site or sites when you’re trying to study? Open this site and tell it what website you need to avoid. You can specify how long you need to be banned from it and how many slip-ups you get before they warn you. It can be hard to resist the temptation of checking Facebook or Twitter while studying, so this website can really help you focus.7 Websites Every College Student Should Know

7. Rate My Professor

You’ll quickly hear about the best and worst professors on campus, but sometimes you’ll be flying blind when you’re registering for classes. This is one of those websites you’ve probably heard of before, but again: definitely a must-know. Getting stuck in a sucky class with a sucky professor can ruin an otherwise great semester. Avoid this using Rate My Professor- and make sure to review your professors to pay it forward!

7 Websites Every College Student Should Know


Did we miss any websites? Tell us in the comments so we can check them out!

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