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What To Wear To Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

What To Wear To Your Ugly Christmas Sweater Party

If you're not sure what to wear to your Ugly Christmas sweater party, here's some ugly christmas DIY sweater ideas and cheap ugly christmas sweaters to buy!

Got no idea what to wear to an ugly Christmas sweater party or even hosting one of your own? Picking out what to wear for this event is not always easy, because despite the name, you don’t want to feel, well, ugly. We’ve put together a few “ugly” outfit ideas, that are actually pretty darn cute. Whether you’re going for traditional, funny or attractive; we’ve got an ugly sweater for you. Here are some ugly sweater party outfits you need this year!

Here's what to wear to an ugly Christmas sweater party!  Here's what to wear to an ugly Christmas sweater party!

Your standard ugly Christmas sweater outfit. (That’s still pretty cute.)

The sweater is what the party is all about, right? Try to go for an original sweater that fits your body nicely, nothing that looks too big (unless you’re really going for the ugly theme!). Let your sweater be the star of your outfit and pair it with a simple pair of black leather leggings and cute ankle boots!


Ugly Christmas Sweater  


Go for a Funny Christmas sweater.

Festive sweaters with a clever saying are another great option. Let your ugly christmas sweater do the talking and keep the rest of your outfit minimal.




The perfect look for a college ugly christmas sweater party.

Okay, okay. So the point of an ugly sweater party is to wear an UGLY sweater, but maybe you just don’t feel like wearing a hideous piece of clothing. So don’t! There are plenty of cute holiday sweaters and hoodies you can stay comfy in all night and still look casual and festive!



The ugly Christmas sweater party dress.

If pants aren’t really you’re thing, go for an ugly sweater dress! Accessorize with a cute pair of heels or boots and a clutch for dressier parties!



Forget the ugly Christmas sweater!

Prefer to wear an outfit you actually like? Then let your accessories do the talking! This option allows you to get into the holiday spirit, with a little less commitment.


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Ugly Christmas sweaters for the guys!

Don’t worry guys, we haven’t forgotten about you. These sweaters are perfect to wear at your ugly Christmas sweater party this year! Wheather you need a nice ugly sweater vest to accompany your dress shirt or you want to show off those abs you’ve work so hard for, these sweaters have got you covered!




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