What to Wear to Finals

Finals is a crazy stressful time for all of us. Goodness knows we’d all love to venture out to our exams in our pajamas, and some people do, but there’s a way to be super comfortable and still be presentable. We are seeing our peers and professors, so you probably shouldn’t wear the same thing you’ve been locked in your room studying in for 3 days. Coming up is a list of a few ideas for what to wear to finals so you can still be cozy and comfortable, but still presentable to the rest of civilization.

What to Wear to a Final Exam


1. Tops

The key to dressing for tests and class in general is usually sporting some form of layers. Start with a cami or tank, even a nice shirt, then you can layer a casual cardigan on top.

What to wear to Finals - Cardigan What to wear to Finals - Tan Cardigan

What to wear to Finals - Tank top What to wear to Finals - Tshirt


2. Bottoms

I will preface by saying: NO PAJAMA PANTS, please. I mean, I’m trying to be gentle, but come on. We’re adults. Pajama pants have never been and will never be appropriate in public. There are ways to still be comfortable without wearing what you slept in. Yoga pants and leggings are a totally viable option. Super comfy – check. Can look like real pants – check. Jeans are also an option. Jeans don’t have to be uncomfortable – throw on your most “loved” pair and get going! A maxi skirt is another super comfy option. You can sit how you want, and still be covered up! Plus, you look super put-together while being super-comfortable!

 What to wear to Finals - yoga pants What to wear to Finals - jeans

3. Shoes

The shoe choice depends a lot on what kind of pants you choose to wear, but here are a few super solid choices!

  • Sneakers: super comfortable, but if you incorporate it in an outfit with yoga pants, a t-shirt, zip up, and a headband, it totally works!
  • Boat shoes: Perfect spring time shoe, and they look great with any casual outfit.
  • Flats: These don’t really need any explanation because they look great with anything.

What to wear to Finals - Toms What to wear to Finals - boat shoes

What to wear to Finals - sneakers What to wear to Finals - Nike


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4. Accessories

Chances are, you’re probably not going to be too worried about accessorizing during finals. But it’s always useful to have a watch on. You’ll be able to easily keep track of where your time is going, and budget accordingly. It’s also nice to have a headband on hand, and a few hair ties. These will help keep your hair out of your face as you’re looking down at your test paper!


UA headbands Watch pink

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