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What To Wear For Festival Season

Festival Season, noun: “A period of time that takes place in Athens during the spring filled with music, merriment, bad decisions, negative news coverage, and complaints from professors”

Well, Bobcats, it’s that time again. Mill Fest occupied everyone’s weekend, but the fun doesn’t stop there. Although I’m sure many of you have been perusing Pinterest for ideas of what to wear for Fest season, we at SOCIETY19 have put together a style guide packed with all the Fest essentials to help you look as good as you feel.


Crop Tops

This throwback is making its mark in Ohio University Fest fashion, and it’s incredibly versatile! You can opt for a funny graphic top, or a girly print, or a solid color like classic burgundy or stark white.


With all the people staggering around you, as well as the blazing sun beating down on you, a tank top is a stylish no-brainer. Layer it with a cardigan or rain jacket (after all, rain doesn’t stop during fest season), or wear it as is.


Perfect for pre-gaming! If you’re aiming for a sporty vibe, a jersey is definitely the way to go. Bonus: the mesh will help you beat the heat!


When all else fails, wear a flannel. Layer it over a tank or crop top, or tie it around your waist for a pop of color.


Short boots

Chelsea boots, cowgirl boots, or the newly popular duck boots… you have a ton of options. Short boots look great with shorts, skirts, and dresses. It’s important to avoid sandals and flip flops when festing, unless you prefer for your footwear to be muddy and ruined!

Harper’s Bazaar


Converse are considered a style staple by many. And why not? They’re classy, yet functional, and they come in a wide variety of colors and prints. Girls love their Chucks.



Basically the same mentality for Converse can be used for Vans: comfortable and classy. Bonus: Many styles of Vans do not have shoe laces that can get caked with mud and stained!


Anywhere there is a lawn to occupy, there will be mud. And lots of it. Rainboots have really grown up since your elementary school days, too. Hunter boots are incredibly popular, as well as Sperry’s duck boots.


Cut offs

Little denim shorts go with virtually any top and shoes. Pair them with a cute crop top with a flannel tied around your hips.


Leggings are the savior of many college students. Wear a basic black pair with vans and a tank, or find a crazy print to go with your crop top. They also go perfectly with rainboots and colder weather!

American Eagle Outfitters

Harem pants

Also called hippie pants, harem pants are great for fest weekends when you really just want to feel as if you’re wearing pajamas. They come in a wide variety of earthy patterns and tones, and some brands even donate money to charity.

High-waisted anything

Skirts, jeans, shorts… they’re all in when Fest season rolls around.

See Also



Who doesn’t love a cute romper? And hey, no need to go to the trouble of picking out a top and shorts.


Opt for a shorter dress. Although maxis are super comfortable, it will only get stepped on and dragged through mud.


Fanny packs

Although this trend reminds many of their mother on trips to the zoo as a kid, or even elderly tourists, fanny packs are incredibly popular during fest season.


These are a no-brainer. Saturdays of fest season are an all day affair: 10 a.m. onward.

Floppy hats

Protect your face from the sun while looking oh-so chic. These versatile accessories can go with dresses or rompers or cutoffs.


Fanny pack life not for you? You can still keep your keys and ID in a safe, close place!

Cross-body bags

If you carry your entire life in your purse, a cross-body bag is probably the best fit for you. Also, you can keep your hands free to high five random strangers are hold your Solo cup.
Have any additional Festival Season apparel tips and tricks? Comment below or share with a friend!
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Sydney Dawes

Sydney Dawes is an Ohio University student studying journalism. Her passions include writing, social media, Netflix, Pokemon, the color yellow, and betta fish. After earning her degree, Sydney plans on becoming a foreign correspondent for Middle Eastern affairs. Or going to law school. She really doesn’t know. Twitter: @sydneydawes_95, Instagram: @syd_the_kid1995

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