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What To Wear To A College Party

What To Wear To A College Party

The back-to-school season has finally arrived and it’s now time to address one of the most daunting questions for every college female: What to wear to a college party? Stop stressing. The answer is simple. Take a look…

Laid Back Casual Vibes

There’s no easier way to look effortlessly chic than with a simple blouse and tattered jeans or a trendy leather jacket paired with a lace up top (duh!)

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Black On Black On Black

If there’s one outfit you know you can always fall back on to wear to a college party, this would be it. All black errrrthing. A head-to-toe dark as night outfit just exudes style, without looking too dressed up…or too dressed down. Stick to different shades and materials of black to keep from looking too monotone.


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Dressy (But Not TOO Dressy)

A graphic tee is perfect to wear to a college party because they can be great conversation starters. Whether it’s your favorite band, a clever phrase, or a sweet design- chances are, someone will have something to say about it. Dress up the tee with a tight-fitted skirt, creating the ideal combo of sweet and sassy. Booties will give the outfit a more dressed up vibe, while sandals or sneaks will tone it down.


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Simple and Trendy

One outfit that will always work for any college party is a basic tank (experiment with different cuts and fits), a slim fitted jean, booties and a bold piece of jewelry. Obviously this is a pretty unrestricted set of guidelines- so have fun with it.


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Some tips on what to wear to a college party:

1. Don’t wear anything you don’t want to get ruined.

College parties = booze = drunk people = accidents are likely to happen.


2. Don’t wear heels.

Sure they look cute with that getup, but your feet will thank you the next morning. (Plus I think heels look pretty silly in a grungy old college house.)

3. If you’re going to bring a coat, make sure it’s not your favorite one.

Good chance you end up leaving at the party. PS – college parties are always about 1000 degrees hotter than it is outside.

4. Wear a cross body bag.

Small enough to not become a nuisance, big enough to hold your shit, secure enough not to get left on the bathroom sink.

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5. Don’t stress too much about it.

No one’s going to remember what you were wearing anyway.

Have any other tips on what to wear to a college party? Share in the comments!


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