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What To Wear To College Orientation

College orientation is an exciting time to meet new people, tour your new campus, and have fun! Finding something to wear can be both time consuming and confusing. So here are a few tips on what to wear to college orientation.


Aim for comfort.

Many different activities will be going on during the day, such as the campus tour and organization browse. Making sure you are comfortable during the day; this will majorly benefit you during your orientation experience.

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Casual is key.

Whether it be a loose v-neck, camisole, or just a regular old t-shirt, make sure you wear a comfortable shirt.

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Stay cool.

It’s more than likely that it’ll be hot outside, so wearing shorts is an essential. If you don’t want to wear shorts, joggers or leggings are also a comfy option. If it’s possible that it will get breezy later on, pair your outfit with a light sweater!


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Wear comfortable shoes.

A lot of walking is involved, so if you don’t want achy feet, tennis shoes would be your best bet. If you’re not the sneaker type, comfortable sandals or flats also work.

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Bring A Bag

Bringing along a small backpack is probably better than bringing a bag that you would have to carry on your arm or shoulder.

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Get creative.

During orientations, there is often times a night event for the students, where there is music and food. After a long day full of information about your new school, this is an opportunity to look pretty and show off your unique style.

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What else could you wear to college orientation? Comment below!

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