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7 Ways Your Weight Loss Journey Will Affect Your Dating Life

7 Ways Your Weight Loss Journey Will Affect Your Dating Life

Weight loss is a personal journey for so many people, but the truth is that it can affect those around you as well--especially those you're dating.

Losing weight and living a healthy lifestyle is something anyone should be happy to talk about. Depending on the amount of weight is lost, some people are in shock or speechless with joy. It takes a lot of hard work and determination to hit the gym and eat clean. Some people may stray from telling a potential partner about their weight loss journey for many reasons.

Reasons varying from their partners fear of them gaining the weight back or your partner not supporting your choice to slim down. If you’re currently on a weight loss journey and trying to juggle your dating life, it can be a struggle. Here are 7 ways your weight loss journey will affect your dating life.

1. You Might Fall For Your Trainer

There are plenty of people who have fallen in love with their trainers while working on their weight loss journey. This sign is understandable because you’re growing a bond with someone who genuinely wants to help you feel better and build confidence. The only con to this is you’re most likely paying this person so there can be some manipulation to make you happy. Remember trainers live off of their clients if they don’t have happy clients the trainer’s pockets won’t be happy!


2. Unusual Attention

Depending on your confidence before losing weight there’s a slight chance of you being slept on or seen another way. Don’t be surprised if that one friend or random person starts to hit on you randomly. If you’re not used to that kind of attention, it will be awkward but eye-opening. It will have you thinking that a good chunk of people are shallow. If someone was not checking for you before you embarked in this journey than they definitely don’t deserve you after! This is a major sign of a weight loss journey affecting your dating life.

3. Trying To Not OverIndulge

It’s fine to treat yourself in moderation. Going on dates can be a struggle because you don’t want to look a certain way for ordering a salad or something healthy. Try to moderate certain dishes and sides. If you feel the need to indulge, treat yourself!

4. Fear Of Telling Your Potential Partner About Your Journey

Telling your potential partner about your weight loss journey can be stressful because you don’t know their reaction! Depending on this person’s morals, there’s a chance of them truly being happy for you and not having a problem with you wanting to improve yourself. If that person is shallow, they might fear you gaining the weight back. If someone has a fear of you slipping on your journey, then they don’t deserve you! Women’s weight tends to fluctuate, if a potential partner can’t love you at all sizes then they’re trash. Looks fade away but a personality can grow!

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5. Your Insecurities

While losing weight you’re adjusting with your body changing in many ways. Whether it’s physical or being able to run up a flight of stairs without running out of breath. Most importantly losing weight means new clothes! So you experience wearing different styles that work with your body. It takes time to grow confidence, you gotta learn to love yourself before you let someone love you! Yes, that sounds corny but it’s true! This is a major reason that can affect your dating life after a weight loss journey.

6. Chances Of Your Partner Not Supporting Your Journey

When it comes to embarking on a weight loss journey, some people will support while others won’t. If your partner isn’t understanding your admiration for the gym or healthy eating, there may be a problem. Sometimes our friends will even try to sabotage us into doing things we don’t want to do or having an extra cheat day when we’ve vowed to eat clean for 30 days.


7. Jealousy

You will begin to gain all types of attention as your body changes. Some of the attention will be from people looking to get to know you on a romantic level. If partner may have a chance of being jealous because they think there’s a chance of you leaving them for someone else. Jealousy will cause trust issues or lead to a breakup!

Are there any other ways that can affect someone’s weight loss journey? Comment and Share with your friends!
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