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10 Ways You’ll Wear Denim This Summer

10 Ways You’ll Wear Denim This Summer

Denim doesn’t have to say goodbye just because it’s summer! There are tons of ways you can rock your fall denim shirts and comfortable jeans well into the summer months. I know it gets hot, but this list will show you 10 ways to wear denim this summer and will stop you from folding up your favorite jeans for the season.

1. Denim Shirt Dress

For a versatile style that anyone can pull off, go for a denim shirt dress! You could definitely dress the look down with some sandals and a floppy hat that would make you look ready for a day of relaxing in the park or strolling on the beach. Or opt to dress it up with some jewelry and make the look fit for work on those extremely hot summer days when tight pants just are not an option.

2. Denim Mini Skirt

When you feel like you have nothing to wear to the music festival or a friend’s backyard barbecue, go with the tried and true denim mini skirt. With numerous colors, washes, and cuts, the denim mini skirt has an option for every type of style. It doesn’t matter if your style preferences lean more towards laid back, glamorous, preppy, or grunge. The denim mini skirt is loved by many people with many different styles. No matter your style preferences, denim mini skirts are for you. You can thank me later.


3. Colorful Denim Jacket

Denim jackets are great to just throw over your sundress when those summer nights get a little chilly. A uniquely-you denim jacket is an amazing statement piece that everyone should have in their closet. You can make your jacket an extension of your personality by painting something beautiful on the back and the sleeves, or you can go with the classic “denim and patches” look and add numerous different iron-on patches that resemble things that are significant to you. You can also rock the colorful denim jacket by choosing one in a unique wash or color, or have a blast dyeing or bedazzling it yourself!

4.  Long Overalls

A pair of denim overalls is a denim look great for a relaxing walk on the beach. They also are great over a t-shirt or tank top while you’re doing yard work or spring cleaning. Who says you can’t look cute while also getting stuff done? After your hard day of work is over you’ll already be prepared to kick off your shoes and go for that well-deserved beach stroll.

5.  Plain Denim Jacket With A Dress

A classic look that will always remind me of summer is a denim jacket over a short sundress. Pair this look with sandals and you will look like a summertime goddess. No matter your aesthetic or if you style it up or down, you’ll always look like you’re ready to go enjoy all that summertime has to offer. Plus, when the sun goes down you’ll automatically have a cover-up that’ll help protect you from the wind and those pesky mosquitos.


6.  Denim Button Down

With this look becoming as classic as the denim jacket and the denim mini skirt, it’s always going to be a good go-to for a summer day full of activities. Whether you dress it up, style it more relaxed, wear it with shorts, or with white denim, you’ll always look cute and summer-ready. At least for the foreseeable future anyway.

7.  The Mom Jean

Take them from your mom or go buy them yourself; it doesn’t matter how you get this pair of jeans but make sure they are in your wardrobe for summer! They are known for being loose and comfortable and are also often found in lighter washes that will complement any summer color palette. They’re so easy to pair with cropped t-shirts and tank tops making them a perfect pair of jeans for summer.

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8. Loose Boyfriend Jeans

Like I said before, summertime does not mean the end of jeans. There are tons of ways you can keep your old favorites in the rotation, including your boyfriend jeans. These jeans are often loose, cropped, and boxy which means they are the perfect kind of jeans for a hot summer day. A distressed pair will also help keep you cool and look even more relaxed while hanging out in your backyard. You could also dress up boyfriend jeans with heels or flats for date night or even a casual office Friday.

9.  Denim Jumper

For a cute style that will keep you looking and feeling cool, you can always turn to a denim jumper. It’s a one-piece so you automatically look put together, even if you feel like you are about to melt away in the sun’s rays. Go for a jumper with a belt and you will soon be amazed at the new shape you’ve been given. This style also looks great on everybody so there’s no way you could go wrong with getting one.

10.  Overall Dress

For whatever reason, this style gives me major traveling and vacation vibes. Even if that vacation is a staycation by your pool, this outfit is for you. If you’ve ever wanted a cross between a mini skirt and overalls, this is perfect. This cute summer style would look amazing for a relaxing summer weekend hanging out or would keep you cool and breezy for a day of sightseeing while on vacation. Also, this adorable style will look great in those Instagram vacay pics. Just saying.


Which denim pieces are you going to keep in your summer wardrobe? Let us know in the comments below!

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