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10 Ways You Can Wear White This Fall

The “you can’t wear white after Labor Day” rule actually started during the 1930s was only created to separate the old money elitists from the new money group. People usually wore white on vacations so it showed the people who were wealthy enough to leave during summer months. The rule is pretty outdated, but some still take it seriously. Honestly white is a fashionable, chic color so why not just ignore the outdated rule and wear it? Here are some ways that you can still incorporate white into your wardrobe after Labor Day!

1. Layer with a white turtleneck.

A white turtleneck is a must-have nowadays as people are using it as the perfect layering piece. You can add a light top over it for fall weather or as it gets cooler, add a jacket! If you live in California like me, having a thin white turtleneck is great as it’s not always super cold out, but not hot enough to wear just a short-sleeve shirt outside.

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2. Try a white on white pantsuit.

Yes, white pantsuits do look just as professional and fashionable as any other color. It’s such a classic, beautiful look that will never go out of style. If you feel like it’s too much white for you, you can always accessorize with some bold color shoes or handbag to add a dash of color to your look. All white just gives off very elegant vibes. Get ready to go slay everyone with a white pantsuit.

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3. The classic white cropped tank with high waisted jeans.

White cropped tank tops are so versatile and look good with almost anything. Whether you choose to layer it or not, you’ll still look stylish and on point. Personally, I think that wearing a white cropped tank looks so good with light brown jeans (like the ones shown below) and accompanied with white sneakers. It’s the perfect casual outing outfit that you need in your life.

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4. Try a white mini dress with a leather jacket.

White dresses don’t just have to be worn in summer months, they work in fall and winter too! Take a leather jacket over your cute white mini dress and go for a much edgier look. It’s perfect for a fall night out! Complete the look with a pair of heels or boots. To add even more boldness to your style, maybe try a dark shade of lipstick.

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5. Wear white tennis shoes with any outfit.

I think 80% of the shoes I own are white tennis shoes. I wear them 24/7 because they simply are easy to pair with any outfit. My favorite white tennis shoes are the platform Nike Air Force 1’s. They’re so comfortable and fashionable. White tennis shoes can be worn at any time of the year at any time of day. I would highly recommend grabbing a pair of white tennis shoes on your next shopping trip!

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6. Don’t be afraid to keep wearing your black and white striped tops in the fall and winter months.

Who said black and white striped tops were strictly reserved for summer months? One great fall outfit is a black and white striped top, a dark green jacket, and a pair of jeans! It’s super stylish and definitely incorporates some of that fall color scheme. Black and white tops can also be dressed up as well with a skirt and a pair of high heeled boots!

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7. Shake things up a bit with a white lace bodysuit.

Long sleeve or spaghetti strap white lace bodysuits are always a great option for a going out outfit. If it’s cold out, just grab a jacket and you’ll still look just as good. Wear your white lace bodysuit with a pair of jeans and a statement belt. Or you can always dress it up with a miniskirt and heels.

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8. Rock an all-white sweatsuit on a chilly, relaxing day.

If Rihanna can wear an all-white sweatsuit, so can you. Stay cozy and cute inside wearing your all-white sweatsuit and a comfy pair of socks. If you’re planning on leaving the house and want to add more color to your outfit, you can wear a bright pair of sneakers and a cute statement purse. Be bold in an all-white sweatsuit this upcoming fall and winter season!

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9. Wear your favorite pair of white jeans with a colored knit sweater for a bold look.

Every girl knows how risky it is to put on a pair of white jeans. We’ve all heard the stories of the girls who have started their period wearing white jeans. Or if you’re like me and always somehow end up with food on your clothes at the end of the day then white jeans are a scary thought. However just because there are risks associated with wearing white jeans, doesn’t mean we have to throw away the idea altogether. In the fall and winter, white jeans look so cute with a comfy knit sweater and a cute pair of boots. It’s a look that you for sure need to check out.

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10. Wow everyone with a simple white blouse with a patterned skirt.

White blouses aren’t just meant for professional occasions; they can be used for streetwear too! Tuck your blouse into a cute, patterned mini skirt for a chic, out-and-about outfit to wear for the fall. You can always layer it with a jacket or tights if the weather begins to get cooler.

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To all the haters, white can be worn after Labor Day and still look stunning. It’s time to prove them wrong this fall. White is a very versatile color that goes with almost everything and can be styled in a ton of different ways.

Are you planning on trying any of these styles after Labor Day? Let us know in the comments below!

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