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10 Ways You Can Wear The Transparent Heel Trend This Summer

10 Ways You Can Wear The Transparent Heel Trend This Summer

10 Ways You Can Wear The Transparent Heel Trend This Summer

The transparent heel trend has exploded this summer, so it’s a trend that you need to be on top of. First seen being worn by celebs and fashion influencers, this trend has now become one of the summer must haves. If you want to be as fashionable as possible, here are 10 ways you can wear the transparent heel trend this summer!

1. Completely Transparent Heels

This is one of the more simple styles of the transparent heel trend. These see through heels will make you feel like you’re wearing Cinderella’s glass slipper, so these shoes are perfect for a summer night out on the town!


2. Pink Lace Up Boots

Transparent doesn’t have to mean just plain clear shoes. These transparent pink booties are total show stopper that will add the right amount of color to any look. This is one of the coolest and most original ways to wear this trend, so go out and find a similar pair to wear this summer!


3. Star Detail Booties

Another popular twist on the transparent heel trend is to have accents that add some detail to transparent heels. These star detail booties are so cute and will go with anything you wear! These shoes are super unique, so everyone will have their eyes on you if you wear these heels this summer!

4. Blue Open Toe Booties

These adorable open toe booties are perfect for summer nights. These shoes are more versatile than other heels; you can make them casual or dress them up for a going out look. The pastel blue transparent color makes these heels extra trendy and you’ll definitely look like a fashionista if you try this look out!


5. Platform Booties

This style of platform lace up boots is already super trendy, so up your fashion game with a transparent pair! Because of the rubber soles, these shoes are great for casual wear or a trendy going out look. These shoes are so mod so you’ll look super cool if you try out this transparent heel trend.


6. Pink Holographic Heels

Name a better duo than transparent and holographic. These dope heels will make you instantly festival ready if you pick up a pair. These heels are also great if you want to try out a super mod look for the next time you go out, so this is a pair of shoes that you definitely need for summer!

7. Transparent Shimmery Pumps

Transparent pumps with some opaque details are another popular way to wear the transparent heel trend this summer. The shimmery detail of the heels is perfect for summer and will draw attention to your awesome look, so these shoes are a must have!


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8. Transparent Ankle Band Heels

Transparent ankle bands are a cool variation on the transparent heel trend. These trendy shoes are so great because the ankle band will give you the freedom to not worry about your shoes falling off. These shoes are extra cool because of the snakeskin details so it’s a way to wear the trend that you should definitely check out!


9. Rhinestone Transparent Pumps

If you’re looking for a more formal way to wear the transparent heel trend, these shoes are exactly what you’ve been looking for! The rhinestones are subtle, so you’ll look super chic and mod in these shoes. This is one of the trendiest ways to wear these heels too, so you definitely need to go out and find yourself a pair!


10. Transparent Wedges

Wedges are another great way you can try out this daring shoe trend this summer. These shoes are pretty casual, so you’ll be wearing them all the time! You’ll look so stylish when you show up to a pool party or a laid back hang out if you try out these dope wedges!


How are you going to try the transparent heel trend this summer? Let us know in the comments below!

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