8 Ways You Can Tell If Your Crush Likes You Back

So you’re crushing on someone and you want to know if they like you back. Maybe you’re a bit shy and don’t want to say that you like them until you think they might return the feelings well here are 8 ways to tell if they like you back.

1. They remember the small things

This could either be they’re just really great friends or they like you and enjoy hearing about the things that make you happy. If you mention to them that you like sour gummy bears and the following week they bring you sour gummy bears or they tell you that it’s going to rain because you love the rain, that might be a hint. They’re remembering and noticing things that even though it doesn’t seem like a big deal it shows that they care to remember things even if it’s not a big deal.

2. They don’t make you wait.

If you message them or tell them to call you after a certain time they actually will. They won’t wait two hours to open a snap chat or reply to your text even though they already read it. They look forward to messaging you. After hanging out with you they will call you or text you almost immediately after they dropped you off or once they get home.


3. They look at you

You can catch them sneaking glances at you or just enjoy you and consider you a view. Maybe you don’t notice it but if a friend takes and off guard photo of you guys and you notice how he’s looking at you in the photo. He might find you physically appealing and just enjoy being able to look at you for a bit or maybe it is your crushes subconscious that does this because inside their head they want to be able to look at you for the reason that they do like you.


4. They just want to spend time with you

They are down for anything if it includes you. They don’t mind going to the library and watching you pick out books with you or going to a movie theater and watching a chick flick that they otherwise probably won’t ever watch unless their little sisters beg them too. They are down with your plans even if others may find it lame or goofy. Sometimes when people have a crush on someone they don’t care about the activity as long as they get to say that they’re hanging out with and enjoy this quality time. They’re down to watch a harry potter movie marathon and bake cookies with you and they agree to do this with you when you know they prefer lord of the rings that may be a signal that they like you.



5. They Open Up to you

Opening up to someone may be hard but we are more likely to do it if we feel close to someone and we want that person to have a sense of trust when it comes to them spending time with and talking to us. If your crush opens up to you and lets you in on their secrets it is a good chance that they are doing it to let you know that they trust you. Trust is extremely important to us and having that bond strengthens our relationships whether that be friendships or more. You are dependable enough to have your crush likes you and maybe tell you these embarrassing or secretive stories that they don’t want anyone else to know. If this is you and your crush than there is a significant chance that they probably feel the same way about you that you feel about them.

6. They have the same slang and body movements as you

How often do you hang out with someone for a long period of time like a former boyfriend and you start listening to their music or sit the same way that they do. The more time you spend with someone and allow them to enter your personal life and like you, they subconsciously repeat your mannerisms. If they subconsciously mirror you and don’t mock you for dipping your chicken nuggets in honey but instead start doing that as well then that is a sign you should take notice of.

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7. They are single

If your crush has a significant other than high chances are that they don’t like you or maybe they are not worth you like them. If your crush stays single despite girls asking them out then maybe they are waiting for their perfect person aka you to ask them out. Needless to say, if your crush has a significant other and does everything on this list simply ask them why they are such a flirt. You wouldn’t appreciate your significant other doing that to you so you shouldn’t allow them to use you in that way. If they are single however and do the things on this list than their might be a real connection between the two of you and that is something that you can grow from.

8. They like you

At the end of the day, they can check every single thing off this list but if you don’t ask them directly you might never know. You might be waiting for them to ask you on a date while they are waiting for you to do the same thing. If you absolutely want to know what your crush thinks about you you are just going to have to swallow your nerves and ask them. You don’t want to wait too long and maybe they get over waiting for you to ask them. The final and most important step of figuring out if your crush likes you is this step after all. Just because they might not do anything on this list doesn’t mean they don’t like you, you’re just going to have to ask.



So now that you’ve gone through this list and have an inkling feeling that your crush might feel the same way about you then hopefully this can give you the confidence of asking them out. Let us know if this list helped you out ask your crush in the comments down below.