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8 Ways You Can Style A Dress For Any Event

8 Ways You Can Style A Dress For Any Event

8 Ways You Can Style A Dress For Any Event

If you plan on wearing a dress for any kind of event, you might be stuck on how to spice things up or add some pop of color. Throwing in the right accessories for your dress is crucial to complete your outfit. Here are 8 ways you can style any dress!

1. The Cardigan Effect

You can throw on a cardigan on top of your dress to feel comfortable for a cooler evening. The “cardigan effect,” as I like to call it, can go a long way and add some texture. You’ll be warm and still manage to look cute. You don’t have to stick with solid colors; get creative and add some color blocking to your outfit!

If you are not too into cardigans, a similar option would be to try out a shawl. This way, if you end up feeling a little too warm, you can easily hold onto it since it’s small and compact.



2. Denim In Distress

The true power of a denim jacket is highly undermined. I throw denim into anything and everything I possibly can. Adding this denim fabric puts a statement with your already good-looking dress, so don’t be afraid to embrace the confidence with your fierce look.


If it’s too hot to wear a denim jacket around, feel free to tie it around your waist! It will add some flavor right at the center of the dress and catch the eyes.

3. Chambray Shirt

You can also style a dress at the top half by tying a chambray shirt. It gives off the same vibes as a denim jacket, but this is more subtle and soft. You could even tie the shirt at your waist, depending on the formality of your event. Both chambray and denim can be played around to fit with the vibe of the dress you may be wearing. The chambray effect is perfect for a casual party or brunch with some friends.


Jewelry can be paired with this type of style since it blends in with your dress rather than contrasting it. Put some bling on it, and you’ve just created a whole new outfit! Chambray is a flexible type of clothing with a lot of variety so go wild with your creativity.

4. Add In A Belt

The classic belt move is always a go-to for any event! I would go with a basic black, but any color you think would go with your dress would work! The belt speaks a statement for itself and can change a bland outfit into a bold one within seconds.


Feel free to try any of these tips and combine them to make the perfect outfit. Mix and match whatever you are comfortable with and create that #OOTD you pinned on your board.

5. Purses! Purses! Purses!

Purses are a girl’s best friend (other than shoes) and will finish off any look that might need an extra “wow” factor. I would recommend a baguette bag, a silk purse, or a crossbody that will end up being the signature accessory. Plus, where else are you going to stuff your lipstick and old receipts in? You do not want to be holding all your belongings while talking up a conversation with someone interesting.


Big purses or small, it can be a hassle deciding what color can go with your dress. Neutral handbags go with just about anything, but I would recommend going with some bright solid colors that will attract eyes for a contrast of colors. A color-blocked purse contrasting your dress will make the perfect look.

6. Turtlenecks (Over and Under)

Now, this is one of my favorite tricks to do when it starts to get cold out. Throwing in a turtleneck either under or even over a dress adds so much more style and potential to your outfit. It’s an NYFW favorite, which I have seen on the runway among so many models. It is perfect for the coming winter season! From velvet dresses to jumpsuits and even body con dresses, turtlenecks can be paired with almost everything to seal the look.

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I used to not be a fan of turtlenecks until recently. If you don’t like them, then you can always just throw a knit sweater in instead. To add some more pop, fold those collars out if you have them to add the perfect touch to your new and improved outfit.


7. Black Tights

Black tights are a savior when adding a formal and a classy feel to your outfit. It is just the right accessory and perfect for keeping you warm while also adding to the formality of any kind of party/get together. Just make sure they aren’t ripped from any angle or have concerning holes (like mine did in 2018).

Another pro tip: Pair these black tights with boots for the upcoming fall/winter seasons. Leather boots make a bold statement at any event. Knee-high boots, specifically, will get people talking and asking you for some fashion advice.


8. Simply Scarfed 

What doesn’t scream fall and the winter seasons more than a good old scarf? Scarves have been a favorite of mine since I was a teenager, and you can throw a scarf onto any kind of clothing. That’s the beauty of it. Throw it with a sweater dress, shift dress, wrap dress, you name it. For the winter parties or chilly days out, a stylish scarf will bring a pop of color and warmth to your outfit.

A thinner scarf can produce the same effect if you don’t fancy big, bulky ones. There are also several ways to style a scarf, whether that is the infinity style, the braid, the cowl, the classic loop, and a whole lot more! Plaid is a popular type of scarf with almost any outfit, and solid colors work too.


Did you use any of our 8 ways to style your dress? Tell us about it in the comments!