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Ways You Can Still Rock Sundresses in the Fall and Winter

[dropcap size=big]S[/dropcap undresses are the main fashion statement of the summertime. Every woman of every age is rocking them due to how gorgeous and comfortable they are. Well, who says that you can’t maintain that gorgeousness and comfortability all year round and also rock them through the fall and winter as well? What if I told you that there was a way how and all it takes are just a few stylish steps? Keep reading to find out what those are!



Boots are definitely one of my favorite fall and wintertime accessories. They can instantly transform any casual look and make it look chic. They’re wintertime and fall essential to any outfit and why not pair it with a cute sundress in the colder months? You don’t always have to wear sandals with sundresses. Boots can still provide the same level of style as any sandal or open-toed heel will. Maybe Uggs aren’t the best choice for this one, but ankle or combat boots will definitely seal the deal. Brown or black are definitely the ideal colors that will match any color sundress!



Jean Jacket

This is definitely the go-to cover up for most people when it comes to sundresses. It’s a popular choice for a reason.

In fact, it’s probably my favorite way to pair up a nice sundress. Jean jackets are designed to make any outfit look casual, but cute. That’s why it’s the perfect pairing for a nice sundress. You should already have a jean jacket as a closet staple anyways so just throw one onto of your dress for a date night or just wear one on an ordinary windy fall day full of running errands. Either way, it works! You can find jean jackets anywhere and they’re also so popular due to how available they are. Don’t have one? Just head to your local thrift store and problem solved! All bias aside, jean jackets are definitely a staple you should have in your closet for that sundress or any other outfit.




Cardigans are also a fun and cute way to allow you to rock that summery sundress in your closet. They’re very comfortable and you can choose one that’s the same color as whatever your dress is to tie your look together. This one is definitely a staple you should be keeping in your closet if you’re going to rock any kind of dress during the colder months. It’ll keep you warm and is also a cute way to instantly turn a summer outfit into a winter head turner.



Long Sleeved Sundresses

Seems like an obvious choice, right? if it’s cold outside, you obviously automatically go for the sleeves but many people don’t like to cover up their cute, decorative sundresses with jackets or cardigans. If that’s not your style, then there’s an easy solution. Just choose a sundress that has sleeves, duh! Not only will you not have to cover up your outfit with a jacket, you also won’t have to worry about freezing to death if you forget one at home! Floral print seems to be one of the hottest sundress patterns, so definitely try to find a cute floral one. Floral fits perfect for the fall, so you already know you’ll be all ready for that cute date at the pumpkin patch!



Knee High Boots

Maybe it’s an extra chilly day and you aren’t trying to expose as much leg. Instead, may I suggest some knee highs? Knee highs are an inexpensive way to make your sundress look sexy without having to show too much and still remaining covered up. With this tip, you’ll definitely be runway ready , while styling on a budget.




Scarves are definitely a winter must. I’ll admit they’re not for everyone, but they’re definitely a fun way to add some extra style into your outfit. Also, they’re guaranteed to keep you warm, while serving as a cute acessory if that’s mainly what you’re going for.


Under A Sweater

This is a also a cozy way to transform your outfit. This tip is interesting because there are many different ways you can work with this step. You can get a sweater with buttons so it’s easier to style! Maybe indoors you want to keep the sweater unbuttoned and use it as more of a cover-up, similar to a cardigan, and show off more of your sundress. Outdoors, you can button back up, and now it just looks like you are wearing a sweater with a cute maxi skirt. It’s a 2 in 1 outfit that you can wear different ways and rock in differerent ways on different days as well!

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Leather Jacket

Maybe you aren’t a denim jacket person. Well, leather jackets are another guaranteed way to style sundresses and can instantly take them from casual to sophisticated or even business casual. Maybe there’s a work event that you really need to make it to. Or you’re going for drinks with your coworkers. No problem,  just throw on a sleek leather jacket and add it to your ensemble!



Faux Fur Coat

I know, sounds kind of tacky, right? Faux fur with a sundress, who knew! Well, you would be surprised to know that it actually works! I think we would all be lying if we said a nice *faux* fur coat doesn’t make us feel both warm and expensive. Who’s to say we can’t pair it with one of our equally cozy and cute sundresses. This one does require taste, and some thought though. Before you think about doing this, you don’t want anything dramatic or over the top unless, of course, that’s who you truly are.



Hopefully these tips helped you if you’ve been contemplating on how to rock that cute sundress in the colder months that you just couldn’t help but buy because of how cute it is. Now you have some versatile options that you can definitely rock throughout the approaching winter months. I’ve provided different outfit layering options because some people still want to rock their regular summer sundresses instead of buying ones that appeal more for the winter. Just remember to always dress for the occasion, of course!

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