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15 Ways You Can Really Personalize Your Dorm Space

15 Ways You Can Really Personalize Your Dorm Space

While moving into a new space, especially if it’s a dorm room, it might be difficult to really find your voice in the way you set up. Having a room that’s arranged in a way that you’re happy with, with little personalized bits of yourself scattered all around, can bring about immense changes to not just to the appearance of the area, but your mood as well! 

1. Make Sure You Have Good Lighting

Dorm rooms don’t always come equipped with the best windows, so getting natural sunlight might end up becoming a bit more difficult. Make sure that your dorm space has the best lighting suited to your needs. Keep a cute lamp for those long study nights, coordinate with your roommate for something brighter, or agree to keep the blinds open while there’s still sunlight outside. Having some brightness in the room will end up greatly improving your mood and overall well being! 

2. Read Your Favorite Quote Every Day

Part of your decorations that you’ll probably be setting up on your walls should include something you can read! Whether it be your favorite quote from a piece of media or something that motivates you every time you read it, having something printed and pinned on your wall or set up near your desk, could really make your dorm space feel like your own. Let yourself have a daily reading in the morning to get yourself ready and pumped to face the day! 


3. Invest In Some Plants

When it comes to plants, not only will it be a monetary investment, but you’ll also be investing your time and energy into caring for them. Don’t worry- it’s completely worth the effort! Go out and find yourself some plants. To start with, get some that are more on the low-maintenance side and get acquainted with the proper care instructions. Use them to decorate your desk, or line them up by your windowsill. Having something to care for and look after will make your space feel even more like your own!

15 Ways You Can Really Personalize Your Dorm Space

4. Put Up Pictures Of Friends And Family

Anyone can tell you- this is the best way to feel truly at home! When moving into your new dorm room, don’t forget to bring along your favorite photographs of all your favorite memories. You can print them in the form of polaroids, collages, put them in frames, or pin them up on a corkboard. Get creative with the way you display your loved ones, and try out several locations around your room. Just being able to look at people and places that are particular to you and your experience will make everything else seem infinitely more familiar. 


5. Bring Some Light In With Fairy Lights

My roommate and I synchronized the decor in our dorm room little by little. We started off, however, with fairy lights! There are many different variations of twinkle lights available to buy, and you can find the ones that fit best with your personality. Not only will this bring some much-needed ambiance and pleasant lighting, but it will also make the whole space feel a lot more homey and personal. 

15 Ways You Can Really Personalize Your Dorm Space

6. Decorate Using A Variety Of Accent Pillows

The main priority when setting up your new room should definitely be making sure you feel comfortable. The best way to combine this comfort with decor and personality is surprisingly found in the grand world of accent pillows. Spend some time shopping around for some that match your bed sheets and duvet, and create a sort of theme. Make sure they’re comfortable, as you’ll probably be using them often! 

15 Ways You Can Really Personalize Your Dorm Space


7. Put Up Posters Of Your Favorite Movies, Actors, Or Musicians

Similarly to putting up photos of your family and friends, you’ll also want reminders of all your favorite things. If you’ve got a piece of special memorabilia from a concert you attended, the poster for your favorite film, a beautiful piece of artwork that really speaks to you, or a picture of your celebrity crush, pile that all into your space. Don’t be afraid to mix your interests and really make everything express your personality. 

15 Ways You Can Really Personalize Your Dorm Space

8. Don’t Forget Your Favorite Books

You might think that it’s pointless to lug books you’ve already read all the way to college with you, but you’ll find yourself feeling better when having them around. Just the fact that they come from home and mean something special to you will make your dorm space feel all the more personalized. You can even revisit all your favorite chapters, lines, and pages whenever you’re feeling a little lost or homesick. 

15 Ways You Can Really Personalize Your Dorm Space

9. Remember Your Favorite Events With Ticket Stubs

Regardless of whether they’re memories of days past, or new events you’re attending in the present day, having ticket stubs of concerts, museums, train rides, or comedy nights, are all personal reminders of memories you have really enjoyed. Having them on display will serve as a visual message of those events, places, and people. You’ll be adding a bit of positive nostalgia into your dorm room!

10. Keep Postcards And Messages Close

My favorite decorations I’ve put up in my room are probably the simplest of them all. Whenever a family member, friend, or mentor writes you a message on a postcard or something similar, keep it around. Use these messages as decor, as you’re sure to smile whenever you catch a glimpse of them. 

15 Ways You Can Really Personalize Your Dorm Space

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11. Organize Your Days With A Chalk Or Whiteboard

Your room shouldn’t just be looking good in appearances, but it should be practical in nature too. The best way to achieve this is through a chalkboard or a whiteboard. I’ve got one that’s set up like a calendar, so I can erase and change dates, deadlines, birthdays, and school holidays. You can choose one that has the days of the week printed on it, or a blank one for reminders and to-do lists. They make for aesthetically pleasing decor, as well as much needed practicality. 

15 Ways You Can Really Personalize Your Dorm Space

12. Stay Cozy With A Fluffy Throw Blanket

In order to compliment your duvet and accent pillows, invest in a cute and comfortable throw pillow. If you pick a nice color and material, you can use it to complement the look of the entire room. Keep one around in case you’ve got company- they’re perfect for movie nights! 

13. Get Yourself Some Brand New Organizers

Back to practicality! Organizers are not only useful but can also be disguised as pieces of decor. Putting up shelves or boxes to store your things can serve this double purpose. Find organizers and storage that’s original, tasteful, and personalized to designs you like can be an original way of sprucing up an area. Storage doesn’t always have to be hidden- it can be beautiful and proudly put on display!

14. Move Things Around Often

Depending on how you’re currently feeling, move around your furniture and decorations! By changing things around, you’ll add a fresh feel to the entire space, and keep yourself feeling in control. Do this often and as drastically as you like!

15. Bring Something Meaningful From Home

Having something that’s particular to your hometown, or old bedroom, is the ultimate personalization strategy. Make sure you pick something that reminds you of happy times and represents your favorite things about your own personality. 

With things like these that shout out your personality adorning your dorm space, it’s sure to feel like home in no time! Which of these tips are you going to use? Let us know in the comments below!

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