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10 Ways You Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

10 Ways You Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

Thinking about how to make your home more comfortable? Since it’s the place you are now going to spend a lot of your time in, it will definitely be worth it to invest in your home to make make it a place you want to live in. Here are some ways that you can make your home a place you will want to stay at. 

1. Be cohesive

Since you are going to be spending a lot more time at home, the least you can do is make it pleasing to look at. Try showcasing your personality or style in your home by thinking of your favorite colors and translating it into your living space. Warmer colors evoke bright and friendly spaces while cooler colors tend to keep things calm and collected. There are of course neutrals, so try pairing a white or off white color with your favorite colors in your decor and furniture. Keeping your home cohesive is one way to make things more comfortable and a little bit less chaotic. 

2. Let the light in

Windows are essential to any home, and if the sun is shining your home will look that much better with that light peering in. Natural sunlight brightens up your rooms in the best way without appearing too harsh. Tie back in the curtains early in the morning so you can let in the sunlight all day. Even if the skies appear overcast, you can still get a view of the outside world and feel a little bit less claustrophobic. 10 Ways You Can Make Your Home More Comfortable


3. Dim the lights at night

On the opposite side, once the sun starts to set in the early evening, keep things dim in your house. Whether you are enjoying a meal in your dining room or relaxing in the living room, try to keep the harsh lights to a minimum. If you can have the lights in your home emit less light or simply use other sources of light at night, you will be more likely to get better sleep at night and also just make your home cozier. Lighting up string lights or even a few candles will keep things cozy and definitely more comfortable. 

4. Less is more

Implementing a little bit of minimalism can be beneficial. By simply having fewer things in your home, it gives you a lot less to worry about in terms of keeping things clean and in order. Whether you live by yourself or with others, try keeping the things that are most essential to your home. This applies to furniture, wall decor or decor in general. If something has a deep meaning to you and you feel like your home would be incomplete without it, keep it. If not, it might time to part ways. Minimalism doesn’t mean giving up all of your belongings, just keeping what matters. 10 Ways You Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

5. Get cozy

Since the times we are living in are undoubtedly stressful, it’s now even more important for us to take care of ourselves. You can do this by making your home more comfortable with plenty of blankets, pillows and other things that bring in a cozy feeling. When you are reading on the couch or watching your favorite movie or series, make sure to have plenty of blankets to keep you warm and have your favorite candle burning. These elements will put your mind at ease and eliminate the stresses of the outside world. 


6. Pleasant scents

Speaking of coziness, the way you can make your home more comfortable is to make it a place you would want to spend in. You can achieve this through scents coming from candles, oil diffusers or lighting incense. Choose smells that will make you feel more at ease or ones that you simply enjoy from vanilla and lavender to the smell of sugar cookies. Making your living room and bedroom smell better can have a great effect whether you are doing work or trying to relax. 

7. Add some greenery

Bring some life into your home by introducing some plants into your space. Whether you include large houseplants in your living room or succulents on your windowsill, your space can benefit from having a few plants to make it more comfortable. It can also be good to have something to focus on and tend to regularly if you need something to take your mind off of the current state of the world. Although if the responsibility seems too daunting, fake plants are also an option. 

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8. Separate work from home

If you are one of the many trying to adjust from working from home, it can definitely seem like an ongoing learning process.  One way you can ease the transition is to have a clear boundary between your workspace and your living space. Whether it’s the dining room table or living room, have one space where you can get your work done and one where you can chill out. This also makes sure you are not staying in one space for too long. 10 Ways You Can Make Your Home More Comfortable

9. Create an outdoor space

It is very important to make sure you are still getting outside. This means that if you do have a patio or backyard, it could be the perfect time to create a space that you will want to use and spend time in. Getting a table and a couple chairs will definitely make you want to spend more time outdoors to hang out or enjoy your meal if the weather is right. Even if you don’t have an outdoor space, it’s still important to get outside if you can. 

10. Flow of energy

You may have heard about the importance of the flow of energy within your home. Having your home arranged in a certain way can make actually make a big difference when it comes to making your home more comfortable. There are small things you can do to make sure the energy is flowing such as rearranging your furniture or positioning your bed in a certain way. You can check online for resources on Feng Shui for tips on how to arrange your rooms. You just might be surprised at the difference it can make. 10 Ways You Can Make Your Home More Comfortable


How are you making your living spaces more comfortable? Let us know in the comments!