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10 Ways You Can Make Use Of Your Hoodie

Wearing a hoodie is probably one of the best feelings ever; they’re warm, cozy, and versatile for a number of reasons. But even so, many fail to realize all of the ways that they make use of their hoodie. That’s why we compiled these 10 ways you can make use of your hoodie for all who can relate.

1. You Can Use Your Pocket To Hold Snacks.

What better way is there to use your hoodie? After all, snacks are a necessity – but when you don’t have a place to put them, why not store them in your oversized pocket. Fortunately, the older you get the less you care about how far your hoodie pocket stretches to the floor; in other words, the more chewy treats the better. 

2. You Can Use Your Hoodie To Hide A Wardrobe Malfunction.

If you haven’t accidentally sat in something either wet – or disgusting – than consider yourself lucky because it can be one of the worst feelings ever; this is especially true if you don’t have a spare wardrobe. On another note, all-white jeans have proven themselves to be hell on earth. Fortunately, if you’re wearing a hoodie it serves as the perfect scapegoat when you tie it around your waste. 

3. You Can Use Your Pocket To Muffle Noise.

There is nothing worse than hearing your alarm – or ringtone – go off in a crowded room. Not only that, but a quiet atmosphere can make this noise ten times worse; this is where a nice comfy hoodie comes in handy to muffle out the disruption. Doing so saves you the embarrassment of having to search for your phone frantically in an attempt to turn down the volume. 

4. You Can Modify Your Hood With Cute Decor.

You can’t deny that you either have an adult onesie – or have wanted one at one point or another; maybe it’s just me. But the real question that many of us should be asking ourselves is why buy one, when you can create your own – with the help of a little D.I.Y. All that you need is whatever materials/fabrics you prefer – to apply to the hood of your hoodie – then you can get creative, and make anything you’d like. 

5. You Can Use Your Pocket As A Place To Store Water.

Don’t have a cup holder – or a free hand to carry your water? Then the best place to put it is in the pocket of your hoodie; not only that, but this is perfect if you hate when your water bottle begins to sweat – and drip everywhere. As a matter of fact, the pocket keeps you from dealing with cold wet hands, as it holds your 16-ounce bottle. 

6. Tie Your Hoodie Into A Poncho-Like Style.

If you’re trying to find a way to spice up your look than why not do so with the help of a hoodie? After all, there are a number of ways that you can switch things up – rather than to wear it in the traditional way. One example of this is to drape a sleeve over each shoulder before tying it at the front. Fortunately, this is a street look type style that’s simple yet trendy – only taking seconds to create; pair it with ripped some ripped denim for an even cuter fit. 

7. Decorate A Plain-Colored Hoodie To Make It More You.

This is perfect for when you have a plain hoodie lying around – especially when you find yourself tired of seeing the same old one. In fact, solid colors – such as black or white – serve as some of the best backgrounds/bases for this D.I.Y. Then, you can add whatever design you’d like to the front or back of your hoodie; the best part about it is that you can choose almost any theme. Just make sure that you invest in a durable set of materials – so that your design isn’t damaged when it’s thrown in the wash.

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8. Use The Pocket As A Computer Sleeve.

What better way is there to use that ginormous pouch if not for your computer? This is exceptionally safe if you haven’t gotten a case for your new laptop yet, and want to keep it from being jostled around while it’s in your backpack. Not only that, but the hoodie’s material serves as the perfect way to transport it by protecting it from getting scratched – or damaged – when bumping against other things.

9. Use Your Hoodie As A Pillow.

This one has to be one of my personal favorites – with how much I take naps; Afterall, who wouldn’t want a pillow that they could bring anywhere and everywhere so that they can get good rest on the go? Not only that, but this is so easy to make – when you go through a series of simple steps in order to fold your hoodie in on itself. In doing so, it creates a cushioned palette for your head, so that you can feel as though you’re right in the comforts of your own bed, even when you’re far away; take advantage of the breaks you have – no matter whether you’re at work or school – and rest your head. 

10. Use Your Hoodie As A Backpack Or Purse.

Right off the bat, the thought of using your hoodie as a backpack – or purse – might not be all that obvious. Fortunately – with the help of a few tips and tricks – you no longer have to wear your as a pullover, but can sling it over your shoulder all the same. In turn, this serves as the perfect hack when you find yourself looking for something that can be made both quickly and easy. 

We hope you can relate to these 10 ways you can make use of your hoodie; Afterall, coming up with creative ideas for your pullover doesn’t have to be hard when you have the right accessories. Don’t forget to share – and let us know what you think – in the comments below!

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