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The 10 Ways You Can Blend In With True Californians

The 10 Ways You Can Blend In With True Californians

You could travel the world, but nothing comes close to the golden coast! If you hope to live in California here are the tips to being a Californian!

It is an indisputable fact that California is the best state.  You could travel the world, but nothing comes close to the golden coast!  If you’re coming to California for school, here are a few tips for blending in!

1. Complain about not getting enough rain

Here in California, we suffer from a lack of rain.  Especially if you’re going to a school in Southern California (LA, San Diego, etc) then get ready to complain about the drought and celebrating even the lightest sprinkle!

2. Only post pictures of food from trendy healthy-eateries

Okay, so everyone knows that one of the greatest parts about California is In-N-Out, but there are also hundreds of extremely healthy, and extremely trendy, places to get food.  Eating healthy never goes out of style here, and it makes your In-N-Out trips even more special.


3. Exercise with your friends and post pictures of it

Californians pride themselves on being fit, so take advantage of the sunny weather and go exercise! Try workouts that are celebrity-approved like indoor cycling or kickboxing.  Don’t forget to snapchat the whole thing!

4. Have tailgate picnics, but at the beach

Tailgating is always fun, but doing it at the beach is even better.  Get take-out, grab some blankets, and drive down to the beach.  Sitting in the back of your car eating cold food has never been more beautiful!

5. Post beach and bikini pictures on social media in January and February

Sun’s out, buns out!  If the weather is 70 degrees, throw on that bathing suit and head down to the beach.  If you’re still worried about it being cold, grab your wetsuit and surfboard and go for a surf.  Make sure to post it on Instagram so everyone knows about the awesome winter weather we have!


6. Pick whether you like Southern California or Northern California better

Every part of California is great, but in order to be a True Californian, you have to pick whether you like the Bay Area and North better than the South.  It’s San Francisco vs. Los Angeles, and you have to pick one.

7. Walk around the streets barefoot

Prepare yourself.  People will go barefoot everywhere! Grocery stores, malls, driving, schools…. the list goes on.  Real kooks go barefoot.

8. Make sunglasses your staple accessory

I have yet to meet a Californian who doesn’t own a pair of sunglasses.  Keep them in your car, in your purse, in your pocket, it doesn’t matter.  You always have to keep your eyes protected from the bright Californian sunshine!

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9. Make fun of people who look like tourists

It is ALWAYS tourist season in California, and true residents HATE tourists.  They cause more traffic and look dumb in their tank tops and board shorts.  Call out people who look like tourists and chant along with your friends: Tourists go home!

10. Never call California “Cali”

This is the NUMBER 1 RULE of being a True Californian.  No one here calls it “Cali”.  Do not be fooled, the first giveaway that you’re a non-native is if you say “Cali”.


Californians are laid back, so go with the flow! California isn’t a state of mind, it’s a lifestyle.

Do you have any other advice for people who want to be Californian!? Share in the comments below!

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