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3 Ways You Can Avoid The “What Is Your Next Plan In Life” Question This Thanksgiving

3 Ways You Can Avoid The “What Is Your Next Plan In Life” Question This Thanksgiving

It’s near the end of the year, guys! Time for endless cooking of exaggeratingly large amounts of turkey stuffing, mashed potatoes, yams, and whatever else you prefer. Time for Fall decorations, and sweater weather. Time for…

Oh. The relatives. 

We all know that Thanksgiving is a time when we all have an obligation to our relatives to either invite them to our house, or go to theirs. And usually, its with people you haven’t seen in a while. Do you know what happens when you haven’t seen someone in a while? Small talk. And do you know what relatives ask during small talk? 

“What is your next plan in life?” 

Trust us, we hate this question too. Thats why this article exists; to help you out in your time of need. Here’s a few ways to avoid this awful question during Thanksgiving! 

3 Ways You Can Avoid The “What Is Your Next Plan In Life” Question This Thanksgiving

Keep the Conversation Going 

This strategy is very direct, and is how you tackle this problem head on. 

One very, very effective way to avoid this conversation entirely during Thanksgiving is to keep the conversation on them. And if it does get to you, make sure that you’re talking about something else kind of unrelated. 

How to start this off, we recommend immediately starting a conversation with the one relative that you think may ask this question of you. This is usually an older relative, like your grandma, aunt, uncle, or older family friend. During Thanksgiving dinner, ask about them, about their life, and how their family is doing. Ask about their hobbies, and if you can, ask about any hobbies that they may have picked up the last time they saw you. Especially ask about family stories; they’ll ramble for days.

The key is to almost never let it get to you. 

This is a really good strategy because this will give the impression that you are very curious about them, and their life. If you don’t really care about this relative, then it’ll feign interest. Now, in relation to this strategy, the next way to avoid this conversation during Thanksgiving is…

3 Ways You Can Avoid The “What Is Your Next Plan In Life” Question This Thanksgiving

Avoid Career-Convos Entirely 

Yeah, seems pretty obvious. Just don’t mention work, or anything career wise. Seems simple, right? But this strategy works in tandem with the first one. You’ve really got to be focused when trying to avoid this conversation during Thanksgiving because if you even begin to ask this relative anything career-wise, it’ll turn back onto you. 

Do not ask about anything career-wise to this relative. They’re also going to be curious and definitely ask you since you’re so interested in their job and life. And they’ll be really kind about it too, if they’re trying to make conversation. Because they really do want to know about your life and career and stuff. 

And it’ll definitely make you feel obligated to answer, because we all get trapped like this during Thanksgiving, right? It’s awful.

Just…don’t mention it. Don’t mention anything related to it. You can talk about this relative’s children, how their school is going, ask what embarrassing thing Timmy or Samantha did. You can ask what books they’ve read, how’s the hubby, literally anything else but career. 

This is the best way to avoid the conversation. Just don’t mention it. 

 3 Ways You Can Avoid The “What Is Your Next Plan In Life” Question This Thanksgiving

Don’t Risk It! 

Don’t risk it! We can’t get any clearer than this. This also works in tandem with the second way to avoid this convo during Thanksgiving. 

Time to play the game called Avoid the Career Conversation During Thanksgiving at all Costs! The players are: You, and the Antagonist: The Career Conversation! 

What are the rules? Walk around your house, talking to people quickly and swiftly. Go in and out of small crowds, mingling with other people. Even talk to the chatty family member that you don’t like. But do it quick. 

This way, you seem like you’re being a good hose, if you’re having Thanksgiving at your house, or you’ll seem like a good guest, if you’re visiting someone else’s house. Good guests usually mingle with other guests, meeting everyone, so it’s only natural that you’ll want to meet everyone as soon as possible, and as quick as possible. 

If you’re quick about it, no one will ask you this question. No one.

Let’s interpret this another way. If you really, really want to avoid this conversation, here’s a good tip. 

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Just…don’t go. 

Don’t go to that Thanksgiving dinner this year. Spend it with your own family, or friends. Or, if you have horrible family members and no friends, spend it alone! There’s no guarantee to whether we’ll all be able to go to parties or family gatherings by November.

Just don’t go! Although, not going to Thanksgiving is going to get very addictive. It’s like a drug; you’re never going to stop not going. This way, you avoid the conversation completely! It’s foolproof! 

3 Ways You Can Avoid The “What Is Your Next Plan In Life” Question This Thanksgiving

BONUS TIP: Help Out in the Kitchen the Whole Time! 

This is majorly for when you’re having Thanksgiving at your own house. This will work pretty much almost 80% of the time because you’re focused as heck! And no one’s going to be the one to make idle conversation when they know you’re busy, unless they’re really that desperate to make conversation with you during Thanksgiving. 

Like go away! I’m making sure the turkey doesn’t go dry, and the pumpkin pie doesn’t burn! 

Of course, this will work less if you’re the only one preparing food. At some point, you have to go in and out of the kitchen to be a good host. If you’ve got a partner, however, they can totally help you out with this strategy. And if they’re extroverted? That’s even better! 

Think smarter, not harder! 

3 Ways You Can Avoid The “What Is Your Next Plan In Life” Question This Thanksgiving

Thanksgiving is generally regarded as a time for awkwardness and a bit of tension, especially if you have start having political talks at the table. So we get it if you’re here, right now, trying to figure out how to avoid the, “What is your next plan in life,” question. No one really knows the answer to that either. Like you could be making a load of money, or kicked out of the house. Hopefully these tips help you out in your time of need. Happy avoiding! 

Which tips are you going to be implementing this Thanksgiving? Comment below, and let us know! 

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