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13 Ways You And Your Roommates Can Become Tik Tok Famous Overnight

Unless you’ve been living under a rock, you know what Tik Tok is, and all the fantastic things you can do with it. Tik Tok is a magical place of creativity and expression, allowing people of all ages to create practically anything they want in videos ranging from 15-60 seconds. When apps like these become as popular as they are, some accounts and videos inevitably go viral, leading to a sought after Tik Tok fame. Maybe you crave that fame or maybe you just want to have fun with the app. Either way, check out this list of ways you and your roommates can become Tik Tok famous overnight!

1. Go on an adventure

Whether it’s a road trip to visit a long-lost friend or an adventure with Randonauting, people love to watch the adventures of other people. I’m guessing it’s because it’s fun to live vicariously through other people when you’re most likely sitting in bed scrolling through Tik Tok. Grab your group of friends, record your adventure, and post it!

2. Make an iconic new dance

This is an obvious way to go viral on Tik Tok with a group of people because Tik Tok basically got its start from dance videos. Find a trendy song, and make either a fun and flirty dance, or go crazy and make up a really funny and weird dance that anyone watching would laugh at. Who knows, your dance could be the next big thing!

3. Do a cooking show

Tik Tok is all about showcasing something you love doing, so if you have a thing for cooking, go for a cooking show! You can make it a serious one where you are actually informing people about your favorite recipes, or you could go the more humorous route and do a different kind of cooking show.

4. Record your pet being funny

Everyone loves a funny pet Tik Tok. And I mean everyone. I mean, what could be better than watching a cat be insanely cute or a dog act super funny? So, if you’re looking to go viral, this is definitely one way to do it. There are tons of ways you could make your pet Tik Tok famous overnight, but if you don’t have a pet, this option might be a little difficult.

5. Hop on the trends

Whether it be a hashtag, and sound, and dance, or a joke that happens to be trendy at the moment, you have to get on it if you want that Tik Tok fame! By doing something trendy, you’ll maximize the number of people potentially viewing your Tik Tok. But, if you truly hope to go viral, put your own special twist on the Tik Tok to get more people to notice it!

6. Do a storytime

There’s nothing more captivating than a Tik Tok storytime and I know this from personal experience. Storytimes reel you in and make you wonder what will happen next, which is why they tend to do so well on the app. If you have a crazy story that happened to you and your friends, tell it to Tik Tok and see what happens!

7. Post your funniest moments together

You might think that video of you hilariously falling down the stairs will never see the light of day, but that’s where you could be wrong. Those old funny videos on your phone could be great material for a viral Tik Tok, no matter what you’re doing in them. So, scroll through that camera roll with your friends, and dig up anything hilarious that you don’t mind posting on the internet!

8. Create a new funny sound

When I’m scrolling through my For You Page, I could come across the same funny sound a dozen times. People are always looking for the next hilarious sound, so why not try to make one yourself? I’ve found that it’s pretty hard to do this on command and that these sounds tend to happen when you’re not actually trying. So, maybe look through some old videos and find a sound that you think could be good viral material!

9. Use those hashtags

On Tik Tok, it’s all about the hashtags! You might be confused as to why, but let me ask you something. When you look at a really popular Tik Tok, do you notice all the hashtags in the caption that have nothing to do with the video? That’s creators essentially trying to be seen in as many ways as possible, by showing up on as many hashtags as possible. So, on your next video, optimize your chances of being seen and use those hashtags!

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10. Post something every day

If you’re truly serious about finding Tik Tok fame, one way to up your chances is by posting every single day. This might seem like a lot to some people, but the more you post, the more your account and your videos will show up on peoples’ pages. Plus, staying consistent will show your followers that you’re committed to frequently posting and always giving them something new!

11. Pull pranks on each other

I only suggest this next way to get Tik Tok famous if you’re already close with your roommates and you know that they won’t get mad of you. Pranks are a fun way to get a great video, and could possibly have thousands of others laughing along with you. Just be careful who you prank and how badly you prank them. Sometimes it just isn’t worth it!

12. Do a “day in my life” video

This next type of way to find fame on Tik Tok takes me back to the type of videos I used to watch in middle school, so I guess they never really went out of style. A “day in the life” video could potentially do really well, especially if your life is drastically different than the average person’s. People love to take a peek into the lives of others, so try it out!

13. Target a specific audience

Maybe you’re an expert crafter or talented musician who just wants to show off what they’re good at. Tik Tok is the perfect place for this because there are tons of different audiences out there that share similar passions to you! You could show off your embroidery skills to the crafty side of Tik Tok, or sing a new song you wrote to the musician side of Tik Tok. Make your video with your audience in mind and your video will go far!

Are you hoping to find some fame on Tik Tok? Let us know how it goes in the comments and if you tried out any of these tips!

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